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How to Create Real Influence on Your Own Social Media Platforms

Let’s face it, it is highly impossible to not get caught up on social media, as everybody has an account for it to keep up with friends, know the latest news and some find it a platform to express themselves. However, with the many platforms that we have on our phones and laptops nowadays, has it ever occurred to you if we have been using it the right way and if it creates real influence on social media regardless of being a social media influencer or being just your average user.


Fret not, as here are some ways to create real influence on social media:


1. Be positive and spread that

I always tell myself that in order to have a good day ahead, a positive mindset is what you need to keep the day going. Although it might be easy to have that mindset for just yourself, but just imagine the many others who have not had that thought in mind. Therefore, a way to spread positivity for others in a greater reach is to share positivity quotes on your Instagram stories or even tweet about positivity moments in regards to relationships, self care and education on Twitter. This will essentially help in boosting up people’s mood and productivity on getting the daily bread.

Some helpful positive account quotes on Instagram are The Happy News, Girl Boss and Veronica Dearly.

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2. Use your platform to channel important issues.

As we all know, social media is a one-stop place that provides from the latest news, trends and many more. It is natural human behaviour to be interested on the latest trends on what is happening with the lives of many others, especially when we spend so much of our time using it. As much as it fun to spread the news of the latest word of mouth, we could also use our own accounts to help channel important issues especially if you find the need to.

For example, tips on how to save the environment, sustainable living and social issues around the world. This will make your mutuals aware on what is most important, and others can help spread the word too. A good movement does not need to start from someone who is famous, it can even be started by you.
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Therefore, sharing information from new channels and non-profit organizations can help make a difference. Other than that, giving your opinions on the respected issue, will definitely let your mutuals know that you are passionate about changing lives.

3. Post content that you like but be considerate.

Don’t be afraid to post that picture of yourself that you feel you look good in or tweet about something that you wanted to get off your chest. This will give a sense to not just everyone but you too, that confidence is key and there is no need to pretend. Trust me, people will appreciate you more for your originality.

Alternatively, although it’s encouraging to discuss about controversial social issues, it’s also important to identify if the thoughts you’re sharing would be of an offense towards others too. For example, instead of sharing negative thoughts on controversial topics like religion and political issues, your standpoint should be constructive and not just spewing hate.

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4. Build meaningful relationships.

Posting images and following accounts that makes you happy is one thing you could do, but one thing is to build meaningful relationships with your friends and followers is another. Aside from only sharing your thoughts and shedding light onto important social issues, you could ask feedback from your followers about what they think by doing IG Story polls or the “Ask Me A Question” feature. That way, sharing could go both ways to learn from one another which would not only benefit your friends but yourself as well. You could create your own “safe space” on your own platform and community consisting of your friends and followers.


These are a few simple steps you can take as an individual to create more meaningful content on your own social media platforms. At the end of the day, you have the control over your own social media – it is your own safe space online.

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