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How Do I Bring Out My Best Potential at Work

It’s easy to stay stagnant with our lives and be comfortable with where we are, especially when it comes to work. Of course, it is not a bad thing if you have found your niche and you are good at what you do; but being stagnant without having the drive to become better can be a dangerous place to stay in as you are subconsciously stopping yourself from growing.


If you find yourself stagnating at work and have your mindset on changing that, here are some simple tips you can follow to bring out your full potential.:


1. Know what you’re good at and what you’re not

Knowing yourself is the key to bringing out your best potential.

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Of course, the best way of learning about yourself is through experiences, but there is also another way, which is asking others for constructive feedback. If asking your boss feels too intimidating, start small by asking your peers whom you trust. Sometimes we are so used the daily grind, another person’s view might open our eyes to what we did not see beforehand.

As you feel more open and confident about taking in more constructive criticism, you can go ahead and ask your managers and bosses. This requires patience, humility, and your willingness to work on your weaknesses. Of course, it is never fun to hear negative feedback but once it’s over, I assure you it will be useful in helping you soar to greater heights. It will be a humbling experience and it is something that’s needed every now and then.


2. Be open to learn new things

The willingness to learn is always a good attribute to have. One thing that companies always appreciate is when someone is willing to learn despite not knowing much about the subject. When you are willing to learn, you not only open yourself up to more opportunities but also showcase your eager attitude and work ethic. Sure, it might be difficult and uncomfortable at first but our brain is smarter than we think.

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You’d be surprised at how quickly you can adapt to a new situation if you give yourself a chance to do so. If you need more proof on how smart your brain is, feel free to read this article. I remember having to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as a fresh graduate then the phrase SEO seemed so intimidating. I had to learn the term and how I can use it effectively and the whole process is just nerve-wracking. However, with a bit of time and some helpful guidance from my ex-colleagues, I was able to give what was asked from me and I learnt something new. I’m still no SEO expert, but to me, it’s better to know something partially than it is to not know anything at all. So, be open to new challenges and don’t be afraid of unfamiliarity! Be courageous in the face of daunting tasks and I promise you will see how they can propel you in the future.


3. Find out what is stopping you

Identifying your problems is always the first step in solving and achieving anything. Sometimes, without even realising, the problems that hinder us from achieving our own great potential are the little issues that go unnoticed. For example, I used to struggle to cultivate my writing habit. Ideally, I would like to block one hour in a day for my writing, but I struggled at first as I got easily distracted by emails, my Spotify playlists, and etc. As I realized this, the first thing I did upon opening my laptop to write is to close every application in there.

As much as I like to listen to music while I’m writing, I realized that I can concentrate better without it; so that when I stare at the screen, it’s just me and that blank word page. This improvement may be tiny but the impact it bears is huge.
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Ask yourself, ‘What are the little habits that seem harmless but are actually obstructing my growth?’. When you have an answer, work around that habit to your advantage.


4. Be proactive and take charge

At the end of the day, action speaks louder than words. People are not going to see your potential unless you show it to them. Start small by taking small tasks in hand or volunteer yourself when your boss needs some extra hand and if you have the extra time. When doing a group task, participate and don’t be afraid to take the lead if you feel like no one is stepping up. Your actions will show that you are serious and will always bring your A game no matter what. It’s easier to get your work recognised by being proactive and bold. By being proactive, you will seem more reliable and with reliability, your bosses will trust you more to take up more challenging tasks in the future that will help you grow.
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When trying to grow, you are bound to encounter some setbacks but don’t let that discourage you! Mishaps will happen regardless but what sets you apart and makes you stand out is the way you handle it.

For a more practical approach on how to bring out your potential to the next level, I highly recommend you to read this article written by Robert Steven Kaplan. Last but not least, remember that there is no better time to start than now; so all excuses aside, work on improving yourself today!

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