Person using a cordless vacuum to clean their home

5 Household Items Every Millennial Should Own To Save Time

What they don’t tell you about adulting (among many other things) is that you will have to buy your household items. Whether you live alone or with your family, there is no running away from buying these essential items. We are adults now, so it’s time to take our shopping for these household items more seriously! Made for all those busy millennials out there, here are five household items you should have to help you save more time.


1. Air-fryer

Nobody likes to spend more than an hour in the kitchen for a meal that will be finished in 10 minutes. What is amazing about an air-fryer is the fact that you can use it to not only fry your frozen food or your chicken, but you can even get creative to use it to make a wholesome meal. With a simple Google search, you can find various recipes for a healthy and hearty meal. 

Person using an air fryer to cook food

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It is also a great replacement for slow cookers. If leaving an appliance on at home all day while you are not home gives you anxiety, an air-fryer is definitely for you. Ranging from RM200 to RM400 on Lazada, you can easily get a reliable air fryer. This is a great investment, and you will not regret buying this when you see how much convenience it will bring to your life!


2. Cordless vacuum

Person using a cordless vacuum to clean their home

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For anyone who thinks a cordless vacuum is a waste of money, let me try to convince you that it is not. I know some people who still prefer sweeping, but let’s face it; sweeping is a huge task! A cordless vacuum guarantees a fast and swift clean that will not only save your energy but also your precious time. Did I also mention it is also cordless and light? Vacuums with cords are a hassle and will discourage you from cleaning due to the weight and distance limitation. Trust me on this.


Again, you don’t have to spend almost 3k on that fancy cordless vacuum no matter how sleek it looks. There are cordless vacuums that are no more than RM300 and I guarantee you, it does the job. Shop for them at Lazada or Shopee and if you’re lucky, you might even get them on a super sale!


3. Easy pull chopper

Garlic and onions are staple ingredients in most Asian meals. So, chopping them for every meal can be a daunting task. This may not be a necessary item for you but if you prefer to cook, this will help you save time while minimising injuries. No matter how hard I try, there is no running away from chopping garlic and onions. Of course, being a clumsy person, accidentally cutting myself with a knife is almost a weekly occurrence.


My little sister finally had enough and bought the easy pull chopper for me. After that, there were no more painful cuts and no more teary eyes (from the cut and the onions)! 

Person using an easy pull chopper to chop food

Source: AliExpress


The fact that it is cheap and you can find it on Shopee or MR.DIY makes it even more awesome! So, if you’re the chef in your house, this is a recommended item. They can range from RM7 to RM16 on Shopee.


4. Microfibre cloths

Another cleaning essential for your house that will help you save a lot of time are microfibre cloths. Microfibre cloths are made from very small fibres (pretty self-explanatory, right?) usually from a blend of polyester and polyamide or nylon, a non-abrasive material. This makes them safe to use on a variety of surfaces. Because of this, it won’t leave any water or murky dirt stains after you wipe a glass surface.


If you need more reasons to feel convinced, microfibre cloths are also easy to clean. The stains come off easily and you can just throw them in the washing machine without having to worry about wearing them out.

Person putting microfibre clothes in the washing machine

Source: The Kitchn


For a set of five, you can get them at RM11 at any MR.DIY outlet.


5. Fire extinguisher spray

Let’s not forget about safety! An extinguisher is often a household item that gets overlooked. A fire extinguisher spray is great to keep in high-risk fire areas such as near the kitchen stove. Another plus point is that a fire extinguisher spray is easy to use and anyone can use it. All you have to do is aim and spray. It works the same as an insect repellent spray. Hence, no one will face any difficulty in using it. 

Woman putting a fire extinguisher spray in a cupboard

Source: Newswire Canada

If you feel like getting one, you can find it on Shopee. For only RM98 per bottle, you can now sleep soundly, knowing that in case of a fire emergency, you have that item to try and save the day.



Buying household items can be an overwhelming process. Yet, some of them are great long-term investments that will last you for a long time. So, make a priority list and buy these items according to your needs and not what you want. There is also a misconception that the pricier it is, the better the quality of the time. This is not true! In the world of e-commerce, you are blessed with a lot of choices. All the items mentioned above are not higher than RM300 and they all work fine. So, don’t get intimidated and take adulting head-on. You got this!


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