Hobbies to spark creativity - Hand Lettering

6 Hobbies To Help You Unplug And Spark Your Creativity

As writer Ashley Simpo says, “Take your rest as seriously you take your hustle”. Never-ending hustle is bound to take a toll on your body and mind. It doesn’t hurt to unplug and immerse yourself into mind-soothing hobbies. In fact, having a little downtime to yourself helps your creative juices flow better too! Tap into your creative side with these six hobbies that’s sure to give you a sense of escapism from the confines of “hustle culture”.


1. Hand Lettering

Hobbies to spark creativity - Hand Lettering

Remember practising calligraphy back in school? Both are similar but not quite the same, from the techniques used down to the essential tools. Calligraphy is a type of writing, while hand-lettering is a form of decorative art. Although you might not have brush pens and marker papers at the moment, you can always begin with anything suitable you have at hand. Once you get the hang of the basics, you have the freedom to put a personal twist on your projects. Create personalised cards for your special ones or frame up your favourite phrases as home décor with your newly-acquired hand lettering skills. Aesthetically-pleasing writing? Sign me up!

Comprehensive beginner guides and references are readily available online to get you started. YouTube channels such as The Happy Ever Crafter, Ensign Insight and Jocie Hagan provide all-around hand lettering tutorials ranging from beginner guides and tips and tricks to tool reviews and craft ideas.


2. Bullet Journalling

Hobbies to spark creativity - Bullet Journaling

Also known as BuJo, a bullet journal reflects your past, present, and future. It’s essentially a multipurpose notebook that includes but is not limited to a task manager, goal tracker and gratitude diary. A bullet journal can be just about anything that you want it to be! Bullet journaling is an effective means of organising your thoughts and relieving stress. Don’t be pressured into making Instagram-worthy journals. A minimalist one is good enough as long as you focus on the functional benefit of bullet journaling. There’s no need to be perfect from the get-go. Experiment with symbols and colour-coding as you go along. Sooner or later, you’ll find a style that fits your lifestyle. All you need is approximately 15 minutes at the start and at the end of the day. And, a notebook, of course!

This YouTube channel, Bullet Journal is a great place to begin your bullet journaling journey and once you master the basics, take inspiration from AmandaRachLee and Inprint for your next journal entries.


3. Painting

Reminisce art classes during your childhood days and rejoice with your inner child through art creations. You could choose any medium that you prefer, be it watercolour, crayon or acrylic paint. I’m sure you have one of these lying around the house! Just watching the rainbow of colours dance and blend into a beautiful art on a blank canvas is somewhat therapeutic. You could even have your artwork on display in your room or gift it as a present. Look up artsy tutorials of any level of difficulty that you’re comfortable with and paint away! Check out Shayda Campbell’s channel for watercolour-base art projects or Painting with Jane for a step-by-step guide on acrylic painting.


4. Flower Arrangement

Hobbies to spark creativity - Flower Arrangement

Since everyone’s spending more time indoors nowadays, why not bring a little nature into your house with flower arrangements? Flower arrangements add a dose of much-needed freshness to your home sweet home. If real flowers are a handful to care for, you can always get realistic-looking artificial flowers. Designing the perfect flower arrangement is all about the balanced proportions of flowers and harmonious blending of colours. Although floristry might be tricky to master, the process of it all and the final masterpiece are definitely satisfying to the heart and soul. FlowerSchool on YouTube is the go-to for classic arrangements and as for contemporary designs, have a look at Bloomtube and Flower Joos.


5. Poetry

Poems are a great way to express oneself. The fundamental points of writing a poem is having a theme or direction in mind, a proper poetic structure and utilising metaphors and imagery. However, since we’re not striving to be the next Shakespeare here, you can forgo the ‘rules’ and be flexible in your writing. Just let the words flow out of your mind. Putting your emotions into words has a way calming down an overburdened mind. Also, renowned poet, Rupi Kaur has recently conducted a series of writing workshops on her Instagram where she guided viewers through sessions of poetry writing. The easy-to-follow IGTV episodes are suitable for beginners even.


6. Deejaying

This one’s for the music lovers out there! We all know that electronic dance music has been the craze for years. Delve into the world of EDM and try your hands at DJ turntables! No, you won’t need a full-scale DJ controller. Instead, you can choose from the countless music-mixer software and apps as well as lessons on the internet! Some of the best platforms are Djay, Cross DJ, Serato DJ and Mixxx. While the whole process might seem complicated, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and experience the joy of analysing and mixing tunes. Who knows, you might just be able to show off your newly-acquired ability to your friends at your next party!


Now, did any of these creative hobbies piqued your interest? If so, then it’s time to ‘switch off’ from the busyness of life and have yourself a little me-time. After all, such hobbies have a way of fuelling your creativity in the long run!

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