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Healthy Snacks You Can Find In The Supermarket

If you haven’t noticed, the trend is to be healthy and to be at your peak performance in terms of health. While that can be challenging as we often can find it difficult (or we’re just feeling lazy!) to work out or to eat healthily, there are some changes we can make to our lifestyle that are tiny yet brings us to benefit in the long run.
I am a culprit of snacking as I would often eat a bag of chips every week during my younger days but, now I have realized the importance of keeping healthy as part of your duty for your very own body. Your body is a temple, so it is important to treat it with care and love. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stop snacking! But, there are so many healthy snacks you can find in the supermarket that can help satisfy your snacking cravings with lower calories at a healthier level.


1. Baked Chips

Healthy snacks baked chips

Instead of going to your usual heavily calorie-dense bag of chips that are full of fat and salt, a better alternative is baked chips such as kale, banana, or even tortilla chips. Baked chips are definitely a healthier alternative because they are not deep-fried like regular chips you can find in the supermarket. You will find yourself feeling better after snacking with baked chips instead of the usual grease you find on the tips of your finger after eating a bag of fried chips.

Do yourself a favour and read the packaging of the introduction and labelling of the chips. It will mention the method used in preparing the chips. Usually, baked chips can range from a price of RM3.00 to RM20.00 depending on the brand and the ingredients used. The more premium and quality ingredients are the ones that will range from RM15.00 to RM20.00++. Examples of some baked chips you can get in the grocery (or online!) are:
  • Lay’s Baked Series
  • KrinKel Baked Potato Chips
  • Enjoy Life Chips
  • Pop Chips
  • Smith’s


2. Healthy Cereal

Healthy snacks cereal

Sometimes you will find yourself craving something crunchy soaked in milk. Cereals are a go-to snack for many people when they feel hungry. But, people don’t realize the amount of sugar that goes into a bag of their favourite cereals. A bag of cereal can contain up to 20 grams of sugar for only one serving of cereal! A healthy cereal shouldn’t exceed more than 20 grams of sugar, so do yourself a favour and swap out those unforgiving cereals that are causing unforeseen weight gain and sluggishness. Some healthy cereals to consider are Kellogg’s bran cereals or Special K, Alpen Muesli, or Cheerios General Mills.


Whichever cereals suit your taste, always make sure to look behind the back of the box and see the amount of sugar for one serving of cereal does not exceed 10 grams for a healthy cereal! Do yourself a favour and opt for healthier cereal options. It can help reduce your risk of being diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure or even arteriosclerosis.

On a side note regarding prices of healthy cereals, they usually range from RM13.00 to RM30.00. Again, depending on the brand as well as the number of ingredients inside of the cereal like flax seeds, dried cranberries, oats, nuts, the price may vary. You can find a large variety of healthy cereal brands in most supermarkets as long as you keep a sharp eye on the ingredients and the nutritional value.


3. Rice Cakes

Healthy snacks rice cakes

Rice cakes are simply one of the best snacks you replace for high-calorie biscuits because not only are they crunchy, but they give out a puffy, crunch-like texture. They are great for replacing slices of bread as well and as biscuits, because they are low in calories. Rice cakes from Marks and Spencer for one serving can only come up to below 50 calories or even way lower than that! Add your favourite toppings such as real peanut butter and banana, and your good-to-go healthy snacks are ready for you.

Not only are they relatively cheap, but they are starting to be available in most supermarkets. Incorporating rice cakes slowly into your daily lifestyle will definitely help reduce the amount of sugar, preservatives, fat and salt in your diet. You can find some in Marks and Spencer or independent grocers such as Ben’s or Village Grocer. They are a better alternative to chips as well. Rice cake brands available in Malaysia range from RM10.00 to RM15.00++. Here are a few brands you can try:

  • Marks and Spencer
  • SunRice
  • Kallo
  • Scotti-Fibra


4. Nuts

Healthy snacks nuts

Going nuts (heh, punny) for healthy nuts is another way to get your snack cravings fixed in a jiffy! Nuts are often overlooked and should get more attention as they are incredibly high in nutrition. They provide healthy fats such as monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats to your body. This is due to their natural oil contained in the nuts themselves. These fats help to decrease your LDL which are known as ‘Low-Density Lipoproteins’ responsible for the bad cholesterol in your body. With nuts high in protein and with healthy fats, snacking can never be better as it is healthy for the heart too! Thus, this reduces your chance of getting heart diseases or clogged arteries.

Nuts are available anywhere in the supermarket so long as you avoid the heavily seasoned ones with salt or with unhealthy fried bits inside the mix. Remember, only a handful of nuts is enough throughout the day for a serving! You can find brands such as Pagoda, and Tong Garden in most supermarkets, and premium and healthier versions such as Nature’s Wonders, Amaze Me and Harvest Box in groceries such as Village Grocer. They typically range from RM10.00 to RM20.00++ depending on the types of nuts taken into consideration.



Going healthy may seem like a troublesome task to do daily as good food can be extremely tempting to not avoid. But always remember that it is not wrong to have a cheat day where you have one of your favourite snacks. However so, these healthy snacks can definitely improve your lifestyle, mood, and physical wellbeing. In the long run, you will be putting those unhealthy snacks back on the shelves the moment you read the nutrition info on the back of the packaging. It’s all about choices and the decision you decide to make for yourself and for your body. Get these healthy snacks at your nearest supermarket!

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