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7 Small Health Habits That Will Make A Difference In Your Life

With working from home or at the office, undeniably, many of us lead a busy lifestyle more than ever without having enough time to ourselves! All of a sudden, those workout plans you have seemed so daunting and unattainable. So, instead of focusing on those workout plans, why not shift your focus to small and achievable health goals that do not necessarily mean exercising?

We believe that it’s all about making the small changes in your everyday routine to create change; for better health and mindset. Here are some small health habits that will make a difference in the long run.


1. Reset your reasons why you want to be healthier.

The most important thing to do before starting any health habits is to set the intention behind it. Your intentions will set the pace of your goals so it’s important to make your intention realistic and achievable. Instead of the usual reason which is to reduce weight or get clearer skin, try to reset them for a different reason.


More often than not, reasons that are connected to physical appearance will bring you down when you don’t achieve that certain look by a certain time. So, don’t add unnecessary stress to yourself and search for reasons beyond your physical appearance. There are other various reasons such as to be happier, reduce your anxiety, build your immune system and so on.


2. Make your bed.

This little act in the morning might not seem much and you might have already done it. The moment you wake up, you might already be thinking about all the tasks you have to get done on that day and before you know it, your anxiety is kicking. One way to fight off your anxiety is to tick one little task right off the bat and what is the easiest way to achieve that than making up your bed?

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Just like U.S. Navy admiral, William H. McRaven said in his commencement speech, “If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.” This proves that when it comes to improving your lifestyle, no health habits are too small.


3. Start consuming probiotics or fermented foods.

If you are in your early 20s, you might think you don’t need probiotics and this is understandable. You have a high metabolism, your immune system is still strong and so on. However, once you’re in your mid-20’s, you might realise that your body might need a little help. If you are still wary to take any probiotic tablets, fermented dairy products are rich in live probiotics.

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So, pick up food such as tempeh, miso, kefir and kombucha. Aside from increasing your immune system, probiotics have been proven to help with improving digestion, weight loss, make your skin healthier and for the ladies, it will also help in maintaining your urogenital health. Your future self will thank you for taking those probiotics today.


4. Move your body in between your working hours.

No matter how tempted or easy it is to fall into this trap, avoid sitting for the whole day. Sitting for a long time at one time can cause many negative side effects such as weaken your legs, weight gain and give you stiff shoulders and neck, just to name a few.  Every couple of hours, make sure to stretch your body and legs. This is one of the best health habits you can cultivate as it keeps you moving despite having to work long hours.

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Now that I am working from home, one tip I use to trick myself from not sitting too long is to use a 500 ml water bottle so I have no choice but to get up at least every other hour to refill my bottle. This will force me to get out of my chair and get a few steps in.


5. Have a filled water bottle by your workstation.

Supporting the point above, make it a goal to at least drink two litres per day or as your body needs. Some people might feel enough drinking one litre but if you can drink more, do give it a try. Dehydration will make you lose focus and feel lethargic.


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One way to make sure you drink more water is to buy one litre or two litres water bottle to help you keep on track. There are various kinds of water bottles that are made to remind you to drink up so if you think you need that extra reminder, get those bottles instead. Not only it will add an aesthetic vibe to your workstation, but it will also keep you hydrated!


6. Set aside 20-30 minutes to go outside or exercise.

Now that we are in 2021, I would like all of us to stop underestimating what 10 to 20 minutes of exercise can do for you. Gone are the days where you feel like you have to put in one hour a day for exercising or do a rigorous exercise routine to maintain your health. Consistency is key.


There are a lot of videos on Youtube that can help you kickstart your light exercise journey. Roberta’s Gym’s channel is a great one if you want to start as they are simple and doable. For lazy days, try going outside and get some fresh air. Just like your body, your mind needs rest too, and breathing in the fresh air can help you feel more relaxed and your mental wellbeing is as important as your physical wellbeing.

A simple tip would be to carve out 20-30 minutes of time to take a walk around your neighbourhood after your working hours.


7. Enable Do Not Disturb Mode for 2 hours per day.

Designate one hour per day where you will stay away from any form of technology (TV, phone, tablet, etc). Personally, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. is my time to switch off all the gadgets. That means, no texts, no phone calls and no emails.

Woman lounging on the bed and reading a magazine

You can use this time to clean, read a book, catch up with a friend, drink your evening tea and take the time to enjoy it, or if you don’t feel like doing anything, just relax and do nothing. After 8 to 10 hours of watching the screen, your eyes and mind need this time to unwind.



It does not take much to start leading a healthy lifestyle. Small health habits can make big changes in the long run so never think that you are not doing enough. Hopefully, this article will help you to see that leading a healthy lifestyle does not need to be overwhelming and it does not need to be difficult. It’s all about finding what works for you and there’s no one size fits all. Small habits can make a difference as long as they are done with consistency.

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