Girl walking out the door with a gift in her arms

Good Gift Ideas For Your Parents After Getting Your First Paycheck

As someone that started working in the last year, I was pretty excited to start earning my own money. Aside from putting away money in my bank account and treating myself, I like to treat my parents for all that they have done for me over the years. 

Girl walking out the door with a gift in her arms

Are you in the same situation as me? Here are some gift ideas for every kind of mum and dad:


1. For the Fitness Guru

Fitness Class Package

You could get a package of classes for parents that love to stay fit. In this time of doing our best to stay at home, places like Flow Studio and 1 Earth Yoga offer packages for online classes too. Now, classes can be attended from the comfort of home. Aside from that, if a replay link of the class is provided, classes can be attended at one’s convenience too.


Fitness Equipment

Aside from that, you can also help your parents bring the gym into the home. Equipment like a training bench and weights will be great for strength training. Foam rollers, yoga mats, resistance bands, and exercise balls are great for stretching and muscle-building too. With any of these gift ideas, staying active and fit just got that convenient.


2. For the Movie Junkie

Netflix Subscription

A Netflix subscription is one of the most ideal gift ideas if your parents love to watch television. From Korean dramas, cooking shows, documentaries to dramas, Netflix is a platform that caters to most people. The regular additions to Netflix’s library also helps to keep things fresh, leaving the viewer spoiled for choice on what to watch.


Throw Blanket

Comfort is a must during movie night. In addition to getting the right snacks, a throw blanket is also a great gift idea. A big, comfortable blanket is ideal for wrapping around oneself, cuddling up while watching movies. Another big plus to this gift that it can be draped over the sofa when it is not in use, making it a great decoration in the living room.


3. For the Music Lover

Person with a record play gift

Spotify Premium Subscription

If your parents are the kind that loves their tunes, this would be a great gift for them. With Spotify Premium, there will be no ads, the playlists can be played offline and the skips are unlimited. My dad loves rocking out with his headphones on, which was how I came up with this gift idea. Is it not fun to have uninterrupted music listening? A subscription like this just makes the listening experience much more enjoyable.


Wireless Speaker

A wireless speaker is also among some of the great gift ideas for the music lover in your life. My dad likes to play music on his speaker when he cooks, setting the mood for his culinary experiments. A wireless speaker will enable music to be blasted whenever and wherever. This is also perfect for parents who love to dance and sway along to the music.


4. For the Foodie

Cheese Platter

Here’s a fresh way of having a meal together! A cheese platter has all kinds of finger foods, perfect for a relaxing celebration at home. My family loves spending a lazy Sunday afternoon over a cheese platter, talking while sampling the different foods. It is a spread that calls for celebration and togetherness. You may choose to assemble one yourself or choose one of the gorgeous charcuterie spreads by KEJU by Carmen, depending on your time and budget.


Kitchen gadgets

If your parents love to cook, kitchen gadgets may be a good gift idea too! A vegetable spiralizer would be a handy item for your home chef to make healthy noodles out of vegetables. Aside from that, a garlic mincer also turns the tedious task of mincing into a process that takes seconds. An immersion blender could provide brand new ways to approach recipes, enabling the chef to make soups, sauces, and smoothies. Such additions may end up being meaningful additions to your home chef’s arsenal.


5. For the Bookworm

Person holding a kindle near a book

Kindle Subscription

A Kindle subscription is a natural gift to give to parents that love to read. With 2 million books, thousands of audiobooks, and select magazine subscriptions, the choices are endless. Another thing about this subscription is that books can be accessed from any device as long as the Kindle app was downloaded. This is perfectly convenient for a person on the go.



Candles are a good way to set a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for reading. From florals to citrus, earthy to woody, there are a wide variety of scents out there to try. My mum swears by the candles from local maker Oh Lilin. The idea of settling into your favourite corner, book in one hand, warm drink in the other, and a lit candle nearby is sure to appeal to almost every bookworm.


6. For Those Who Are Far Away

In these pandemic times, you might not be able to see your parents in person. Here are a few options to send love to your parents from a distance. Care Package Gift

Care Package

A care package is a good way to send your well wishes and concerns to your parents in the mail. has a wide range of gift boxes for all kinds of occasions. One of them is the Take Good Care Gift Box, something I would send to my parents if I am not living with them.


Meal Subscription

Getting your parents a meal subscription could also be a thoughtful gift. The Ready to Heat Meals from PichaEats is a good option. I like getting meals from PichaEats not just for the delicious food but also the impact of the organization. The chefs at PichaEats are all refugees. Half of the profits are given to these chefs, enabling them to put food on the table and empowering them with a job. Not only can you bring joy to your parents, but make a positive impact on society too!



I hope these gift ideas have helped you think of gifts you can give to your parents! No matter what you decide on, know that it is ultimately the thought and effort that counts.

Erica is a hand lettering artist, math nerd and educator in the making. She loves the magic that words have, whether it is writing them or reading them.

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