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Getting Too Busy and Starting to Lose Track? This Might Help You.

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So as we all know, March is a long month, and to many of us, it’s actually the REAL first month of the year where you fully, 100% get into your routine.

January was a month of excitement and new beginnings, February was an incredibly short month with CNY and Valentines Day, and we were definitely very distracted. And now, we’re in the month of March, and it’s a full 5-week month, and work starts getting really busy and things can be overwhelming.
So as much as most people do their planning, scheduling or even goal setting at the start of the year, but there is no better time than now. This is the time when you get to see your schedules and routine in its full form, and it would be really helpful to start sticking to a organising routine, to ensure you can stay on top of all your to-do lists and not forgoing any of your priorities.

We are going to do it the old fashion way this time, and use the traditional pen and paper method, and share some tips to help you stay on track with your daily tasks, and strive to be the most productive and organised you have ever been.


1. Write EVERYTHING down.

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Often times, when we have something to do, we may think it is not significant enough to need to jot it down.


“Yeah, I’ll remember to do that later,” is the biggest lie you tell yourself.

When you are busy juggling so many things at once, be it remembering your dentist appointment, what you need to prepare for your next meeting, passing something to your colleague, making sure you submit that proposal to the client before the deadline etc etc, it can get really overwhelming.
When you miss out things, you are going to be frustrated at yourself. But really, it’s not your fault because our minds only have a limited amount of space.

Write it all down in your notebook once it crosses your mind, no matter how small the task or reminder is. Your future self will thank you.


2. List your daily to-dos the night before, or first thing in the morning.

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There is something incredibly comforting and satisfying to set out a to do list for the day, and being able to tick it all off before the day ends.

You can do it the night before right before you sleep, or first thing in the morning before getting into the bustle of the day. This way, you won’t be distracted to dive into whatever that comes your way, and getting distracted throughout.
When you actually create a daily to-do list, with every big or small thing (refer to the first point), you can visualize how the day goes, and set your intentions and attitude right to conquer whatever you set out to do.

Even on days where you somehow did not complete everything on your list, it still gives you a reflection as to why you missed it out, and if it is important enough for you to put it on the top of the list the next day.


3. Make this tracking into a habit.

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One thing that always make us fail is this. We start out all enthusiastic, and after only a few days or weeks, it dies down and we are back at square one.
Same goes for journaling. You need to make writing everything down into a habit, so much so that each time you remember something, you automatically reach for your pen and notebook.
It might feel unnatural at first if you are not used to it. But once you get the hang of it, you will actually enjoy it, and the structure it brings to your life.
After all, it is an accomplishing feeling to be able to tick off your daily to-do list, to look back on your progress and efficiency, and see how far you have come.
We know that you might feel a little intimidated and overwhelmed by your growing to do lists, your pending projects as well as the goals you set out to achieve this year. We are three months into 2019, and we got this. Even though there are days when you don’t feel accomplished, don’t be too hard on yourself. Reflect on how to do it better and try again the next day.

Let’s hope your trusty pen and paper will help you to accomplish big things!



bullet journal flatlay

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All the best in your journey to becoming more productive!

I am always on the lookout to create little joyful routines - be it scribbling in my planner each morning, leaning and decorating my room or exploring cooking adventures. Writing gives me a chance to do my part in putting a little positive impact back into the world

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