Get Your Upcycled Clothes From These Sustainable Shops!

Thrift stores are great and all, but not all of us have a great eye for fashion, so trying to piece together an outfit from thrifted clothes can be a challenge.


Thankfully, there are people out there who not only care about fashion sense but more importantly the environment! More and more small businesses are starting to venture into a greener way of building a fashion house. So, don’t miss out on these shops that feature cute fits for your next OOTD!


1. Finders Keepers

Hidden treasures used to be so tough to find, but now you can get unique and upcycled pieces from Finders Keepers! With humble beginnings from Sabah, Daniya Safiya started her store just in July 2020.


Inspired by her mother who was crafty herself – Daniya’s way of saving the Earth is by repurposing thrifted clothes and sheets. You can find her scavenging through ‘scrap’ bins at fabric stores, and she even utilizes unconventional materials like curtains!


Daniya’s prices for upcycled & handmade tops on average are RM 70, whereas handmade pants, dresses and sets range from RM 80 to RM 150. Upcycling stores may seem pricey, but it’s because they’re doing it ethically! Thrifted fashion is far from fast fashion – where labourers are overworked and underpaid.


When you invest in a creative like Daniya, you get products with meaning. Her bestselling line called ‘Girl Next Day’ oozes ‘70s vibes! Featured were upcycled halter tops, designed in such a way so that customers could see themselves as a protagonist. Another project was a corset series inspired by women like Ladybird, Little Women and Clueless – quotes were then embroidered into parts of the corset. This artistic take was centred around women empowerment, as corsets in the ’50s especially were an alleged symbol of oppressive beauty.


Keep your notifications on for this passionate feminist’s next drop!

Price: RM 70 – RM 150

2. Plain Bastard

That’s right, Plain Bastard is keeping it real by selling eco-conscious clothing by selling thrifted and reworked clothes.


Plain Bastard reworks different patches into one fit, and the end result is usually bright and colourful! From neon overalls to line art on T-shirts and denim jackets, they are dripping with creativity with every one of their pieces. You should know that their thrifted items generally go between RM20 to RM40. Their reworked clothing ranges between RM 45 to RM 120 as it’s handmade.


Although their shops are mainly online-based, they sometimes have pop-up booths at markets so keep your eyes peeled for that! However, if you prefer to chill back and shop online, they post their items every Monday so do place an order before then if you want to make it in time.


If you want to see what stocks are left, check out their Carousell too!

Price: RM 20 – RM 120+

3. Munimalism

Are you a minimalist at heart? Well, time to practice it in your life – by wearing everyday clothing from Munimalism!

Source: Munimalism

Munimalism, or also known as MUNI, is a company based out in Sepang who are recognized for their eco-conscious products! Their apparel revolves around using tropical dye; the colours come from natural dye made from tropical plants.


They embody minimalism in every product they have! You can find items such as knot pouches, aprons, caps, t-shirts and more in their shop. All the colours are muted like Dijon Yellow or Mid Blue and their fabrics are usually made from highly durable cotton drill!


Aside from their online store, you can check out their handmade creations yourself in-stores at Ilaika, The Warung in Penang or even the Ritz-Carlton!

Price: RM 59 – RM 119


4. Real.m

Enter the world of ethically sourced and sustainable clothing with Realm of Real Material! If you want to enjoy eco-conscious everyday wear and still be able to pick from a variety of designs, Real.m is for you!

Source: Real.m

Real.m only uses natural cotton and bamboo fibre for all of their clothing! Better yet, their colouring all comes from vegetable dye. If that isn’t great enough, Real.m also only works with cotton farms that are completely GMO (genetically modified organism) free! If you’re finding it hard to adopt a totally zero-waste lifestyle, a good place to start can also be with Real.m.


For every purchase made, Real.m will donate RM1 to the Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre! That’s what we truly call allies!

5. Biji-Biji

This Malaysian favourite is such a huge advocate of going green, that even their Instagram handle has the words ethical fashion in it!

Source: Biji-Biji

Biji-Biji is a fashion label that lives and breathes as an ethical brand. They’re consistently pushing the envelope on what it means to be fashionable and eco-friendly through their unique designs! This is evident in all of their product lines. Their drops feature items consisting of but are not limited to waist belts, pencil boxes, and office bags.


Biji-Biji deserves all the applause, as they’re also known for their progressive designs. It makes sense as they are the brainchild of Biji-Biji Initiative, the social enterprise that seeks to change how sustainability is done! They’re also all about helping the community, as they made and donated medical gowns for our COVID-19 frontliners.


Price: RM 25 – RM 119+

Although some of the stores above are a little pricey, do try to understand that this market is still new – hence the hefty price tags! Hopefully, as the industry grows, more businesses would be able to cater to a wider market with more affordable options. At the end of the day, sustainable fashion should be available to everyone regardless of income class!

A realism artist and an aspiring filmmaker. She’s also a devotee to R&B music and an advocate for racial equality.

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