How To Find Your Own Unique Writing Style To Make Your Content Stand Out

Writing a story is easy – just about anyone can do it. All you have to do is just whip out your laptop, press a couple of keys on your keyboard and post! After that, just sit back and watch as the views and comments roll in.


Unfortunately, I learned that this is not always the case. When I started out writing articles, it was a struggle to get great engagement and feedback from my audience. 


Over the years, I have come to learn a few tips and tricks in developing my own unique writing style in making my content stand out. Let me tell you the biggest secret – everyone has a unique writing style that they have yet to discover. If you want to know the secret sauce, read on to discover you discover your untapped potential.



1. Figure out what you are passionate about.

Have you ever felt that rush when you are talking about that favourite trip that you just went on or a movie you really enjoyed? It is easier to reel in others to listen to our story when you are genuinely passionate about the topic you are speaking about.


When I first started posting on my LinkedIn account, I was passionate about writing articles that empower young undergraduate Malaysian law students. That passion of mine made it easy for me to craft stories with a unique perspective that was not widely available on LinkedIn. 


A pro-tip here is to find a passion where you can narrow it down to a specific niche. For example, you could be a huge fan of motorsports but there are many types of motorsports ranging from different single-seater campaigns to endurance racing or touring cars. By narrowing it down to a single niche, you can target a group of people who are equally passionate about the things you are interested in.


2. Discover where your audience is hanging out.

While it is great that you discovered something you are passionate about, it is equally important to know where your target audience typically resides on social media. The importance of answering this question is that you can identify the social media platform you should focus on.


With that, you can determine the suitable type of content to create for your audience. You can also learn the right tone to use and the social media algorithm of that particular platform.


Most importantly, social media platforms have various metrics which will help you to tailor content that is targeted to your desired audience. It helps to make your topics relatable to them and stand out from other content creators; thus, giving your content a unique feel to your audience.



3. Write for your audience, not for yourself.

This is a classic rookie mistake that I used to make when I first started writing. The logic behind this principle is simple. Take a moment to remember the last time you were chatting with your friends. Do you tend to zone out during certain topics that you were not able to follow because you had nothing to add?


When we write for ourselves, we are depriving the opportunity for our audience to interact with our content. This can be fatal as organic engagement with your audience is the best way to make your content stand out on the Internet. Learning to balance the topics you are passionate about and your audience’s interest is a learning curve you will go through as a writer to develop your unique writing style.


4. Practice, practice and practice.

The last piece of advice to discover your unique writing style is to just start writing. You can start small and see the compounding effect of your improvement in the long term.


A great place to start would be writing captions for posts on your social media accounts. It is certainly less daunting to write for your friends as it is easier to come up with topics that will resonate with your peers. 


I started to develop my own writing style by writing fictional stories and submitting them on an online art platform called DeviantArt. Even when I was writing as a law student, I kept writing even when some of my articles did not have great engagement. Over time, you will develop a writing style that will resonate with your personality.


5. Hang out where your audience is at.

The opportunity to physically or virtually interact with your audience is crucial in developing your unique writing style that will help make your content stand out. It helps to experience and see things from your audience’s perspective which will save you time in thinking of a perspective or story that is relatable to your audience.


When I was a student blogger for the University I was studying at in Northern Ireland, I could easily write stories that were unique and relatable to Malaysian students as I was frequently interacting with the Malaysians that were living in the area. 


If you are a content creator on LinkedIn, I highly encourage you to hop a virtual call with your LinkedIn connections or physically meet up with them as it gives credibility to the content you are creating and generates unique perspectives and conversations that will resonate with your audience.



Writing is a lifelong journey of learning and it is something that takes time and effort to develop. While these tips will help you to start discovering your writing style, it is important to prioritize organic growth that will help your content to grow and stand out in the long run. Most importantly, have fun in the process and always remember why you started writing in the first place!

A law graduate with a passion to write and empower the unique voice of individuals. When he is not busy writing, you can find him indulging in nature's arms.

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