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7 Cute Picnic Rental Services In Malaysia

At times, the weather in Malaysia can be too hot to handle, and not many of us carry out activities outdoors anymore (except for beach trips!). However, cool weather still exists in Malaysia. There’s tonnes to do from the break of dawn or when sunset starts to settle in!

One of the things you could do is to go for a picnic! However, not all of us have those wicker baskets we often see in movies. Thus, a new category of business has sprouted – picnic rental services! I’ve found 7 picnic rental service businesses all over Malaysia for you, so if you’re in need of a plaid picnic mat, scroll down!


1. The Weekenders

Have a tight budget but also have a little leeway? Spend your Saturdays with The Weekenders

Girls sitting on a picnic blanket and eating

Source: The Weekenders


Price: RM60 – RM110

Based in Kuala Lumpur, The Weekenders can sort out your brunch plans with their stately picnic sets! There are different types of mats to pick from, and each package comes with a small personal guide on how to set up your picnic perfectly. They also have a ‘Set Up’ service, where they can prep the setting at the location of your choice! Their offers begin from as low as RM60, and you can rent any set for 4 hours. However, sometimes our scheduling can be very Malaysian lah right? So just add another RM5 to hold it for 24 hours! If you want to reduce contact, they can also deliver the picnic set to you instead.


2. Picnic Day

Caution to sunset lovers: you may have serious urges to go to the beach after taking a look at Picnic Day

A picnic rental service on the beach

Source: Picnic Day


Price: RM120 – RM180 

Not only are they experts in styling and staying on trend with things (peep the vintage mirror they use!), but they’re experienced in organizing gatherings, birthdays, bridal showers, proposals and more! Based in Kuala Lumpur too, Picnic Day has rattan picnic sets available for rent. They also have an array of furnishing items for your day out – rattan & wooden trays, boho baskets, champagne glasses, lace tablecloths and the list goes on! 


3. Daily Sparks

A business that embraces Malaysian culture everyday? We love to hear it! I welcome you to the Daily Sparks!

A picnic rental service with roti canai

Source: Daily Sparks


Price: RM80+

I never do biased reviews – but I love their style so much so here’s my first one! Based in Kuala Lumpur, Daily Sparks really knows how to hit home with nostalgia! Aside from the typical English breakfast sets, they also have specially curated Malaysian sets too. Feast your eyes (and tummies) with their Kopitiam set, Kendi Jamuan set and how can we forget our beloved Roti Canai trays? They’ve also got local games for you to rent such as batu seremban or congkak. One more plus point: they also do freelance product photography! 


4. The Cisty

The Cisty takes it seriously when it comes to planning your event – and it shows in their work!

An indoor party with a tepee

Source: The Cisty


Price: RM299 – RM699

Situated in Putrajaya, The Cisty are event planners who can cater to your plans! Not only are they creative as per their Instagram, but they also have many options to decorate your party with. Whether you need a teepee, long picnic tables or even balloons, they’re the ones who have got it all! 

What’s a table for if there’s no food on it though? The Cisty have got this covered too – they can arrange a 6×6 aesthetic cake for you so you don’t need to look very far! What sets The Cisty apart is that you can also rent out their studio if you don’t want to host a party in your own home!


5. Fiollty

If you’re really strapped on your budget – my recommendation for you is Fiollty!

A cute picnic rental service on the beach

Source: Fiollty


Price: RM50+ 

Sometimes, all you need is a fairly simple and affordable picnic rental service. So, if you’re living in Ipoh, it’s time for you to meet Fiollty! These folks have got all the ABC’s down; the red plaid mat, the wicker basket, a tray for your food and of course drinking glasses are a part of the parcel. 


6. Lil Seprise

For my Negeri Sembilan friends, here’s a Lil Seprise for you!

A cute picnic rental service with a tepee on the beach

Source: Lil Seprise


Price: RM95+

Lil Seprise has thought about everything. Want an extravagant set up at a restaurant? Check! What about a teepee? They’ve got that too. Whether it’s a simple picnic, a quick setup or a full-on surprise, this picnic rental service has got your back! Lil Seprise has got four packages for you to pick from. The Tulip package offers the basic picnic set, the Lily comes with the standard set with a teepee, then there’s the Dahlia where you can rent a more classy table setting and set up in a restaurant! 

They’ve got more surprises for you though! The Camelia package offers you almost all of their features – this is best for those who really want the whole deal. Say that you’re not one to sit and munch away. They’ve also got barbecue rental services for those of you who like to be behind the grill. 


7. Gojes Tent

If you’re living in any of the areas in Terengganu, Kuantan, Perak or Negeri Sembilan, Gojes Tent here is ready to take over your party plans for you!

A party with a tepee

Source: Gojes Tent


Price: RM120+

Your fit may be snatched and your hair is styled, but you’re only almost ready for the day! With Gojes Tent, you have ample choice in what decor to pick. Just browse through their Instagram catalogue and you’ll find that you’re spoilt for choice. 

Gojes Tent also has other features to rent such as teepees, candy booths, table settings and more! Regardless of where your event is going to be, they’re quite flexible in where to set up as they’ve decorated gardens, indoor rooms and even restaurants before!



Now you know who to call if you ever want an outdoor-themed birthday, engagement or anniversary with a picnic rental service! Things may be very different now, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun with your friends and family. So, why not couple it with a sweet and glamorous picnic theme?

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