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How To Cultivate Patience When Waiting To See Results

Same-day deliveries have a different thrill than the days-to-months wait for our parcels to arrive, we expect to achieve our body goals after a few gym sessions, we opt for the convenience of food deliveries over spending the time to prep and cook our meals, and we even listen to summaries of books so we don’t actually have to read them. These instances can be toxic, and cultivating a little patience while we wait goes a long way in this fast-paced world that we live in.

Taking the time to slow down and to cultivate patience while we wait is crucial as it can link to better wellbeing. The following steps could help with cultivating patience in your life to cope with the waiting time and nourish your soul better:


1. Start small.

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Try understanding the roots of your impatience as they are prime to adversity and frustration. It’s a growing problem. By recognizing the symptoms or triggers, however, you can prevent them to take hold of your life. Signs such as muscle tension and chest tightening or prompts by specific words from people and environmental situations that you let yourself be absorbed in, should be taken notice of.

After identifying them, you can start by strengthening your endurance for patience with something smaller. For example, by making yourself wait patiently for your orders at the coffee shops, and then progress to bigger things as you gradually increase the wait. You will get better at waiting as your patience grows.


2. Prioritise the things in your life.

Are you familiar with the Shiny Object Syndrome? Imagine a child who is attracted to anything that is new and shiny. It is basically the tendency for someone to chase after something new, whether it is a new idea or goal rather than to stay focused on their current matters. We tend to find distractions that are often going to make it worse just so we could take our mind off the end goal that we initially forestall.

Have a look at the things that you engage with on a day-to-day basis and eliminate those that are wasting your time. Take some time to evaluate your week and curate things based on your productivity. Learn to say no to things that are not serving you, it could lessen your worries by doing only the things that matter and let go of the things that you lack control over. This can help to keep your awareness, composure and perspective of what you can handle, hence, help you cultivate patience while you wait.


3. Practice mindfulness.

Friends doing meditation together on a grass field

Be it meditation, breathwork or simply taking deep breaths to relax, being able to change your breaths is the easiest way to ease the impatience that you are experiencing. Taking slow, deep breaths or doing box breathing can do wonders for your body and mind. Oftentimes we are not breathing properly or may subconsciously be holding our breaths, and this would cause our body to be tenser. Checking our breaths and incorporating simple breath practices regularly can help to bring us back in the present moment and have better clarity on what to come. This will help us to slow down and take time to be patient while we wait for results.


4. Practice gratitude.

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Come to think about it, the waiting game works like free radicals as it matters from how we shape ourselves from the beginning. The ability to self-regulate and delay pleasure, with the effort of serving something more gratifying that makes all the difference in achieving a certain goal, is called delayed gratification. People who are patient are better at it. Let’s take the concept of compounding interest, for example, the people who are less grateful would prefer to jump into fast cash options due to their impatience.

As someone once said, “want what you have, have what you want”. The already-grateful people are thankful for their current situation and are not in a desperate state to get better circumstances instantly. Plus, people who cultivate gratitude while waiting are more likely to have greater satisfaction when meeting their goals, especially the difficult ones.


Cultivating patience while we are waiting is a daily thing, it needs to be honed. When you engage in the behaviours mentioned above, you are essentially going to have better mental health while walking the long road of achievements. If bringing ourselves into the present moments would lead to more contentment and a peaceful state of mind, then isn’t that worth trying?

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