Woman putting in laundry in the washing machine

10 Clever Laundry Hacks To Make Laundry Days Easier

Laundry day can be overwhelming sometimes. Especially if you are not a huge fan of doing laundry, this task can be daunting and frustrating. At least this is what I used to feel before. After coming across a YouTube video explaining the best detergent and softener ratio, I got intrigued. I found out that there are a lot more things that are fascinating about doing laundry and the many clever hacks are a good discovery too.


Woman putting in laundry in the washing machine


It’s not just about owning a washer and putting a cup of detergent and softener. In fact, there are way too many tips that can help step up your laundry game. So here are 10 clever laundry hacks that you’ve never done before but I’ve used for a long time that managed to help keep my garment quality at its finest!


1. Detergent: Less is more

Detergents are mainly offered in three forms; powder, liquid and pods. I used to think that more load means more detergent, you know, just to make sure it is cleaner.


However, overdosing on detergent can cause residue and create so many suds that ends up dropping soil and allowing it to redeposit onto the clothes as full cycle water can’t properly cleanse them off. Less is actually more when it comes to detergent.


Woman putting in detergent in the clothes cleaning machine


Try cutting it off by a third or half and see how much cleaner your clothes get. As a bonus, it also will save money on having to restock your detergent as it lasts longer. Depending on the amount of load, but for my normal usual routine, I prefer a combination of one cup of detergent, two cups of softener and one scoop of scent booster.


2. Always turn the clothes inside out

The first rule in laundry is to always turn every piece of clothes inside out! Especially for those athletic wears, turning them inside out can help protect the color from fading. Moreover, could also prevent the texture from pilling and causing lint. 


During a typical day of wear, clothing comes into contact with our bodies as they move and sweat, leaving them in dire need of washing. By turning your items inside out in the washing machine you can ensure that these sweat stains are coming in as close contact with the detergent as possible.


3. Mesh laundry bags

I’m pretty sure most ladies are using mesh laundry bags for their lingeries in the washing machine. It is super important to use these special mesh laundry bags for washing bras to avoid the pads from coming out and get tingled and will ruin them over time.


Mesh washing bag with clothes inside


You can put at most two bras in one bag and see how they will maintain the quality and extend the lifespan as compared to when you’re not using them.


4. Fresh laundry hampers

We’re not doing laundry everyday, are we? So as you wait for the laundry day, you would want to keep your laundry hamper fresh and odorless.


Brown laundry hampers with white clothes in a room


What I like to do here is to get a pantyhose or unused sheer tights, or even any breathable fabric, fill that up with baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Then, tie them up and put them in your laundry basket. The baking soda will absorb the bad odor and the essential oils will emit its scent. This will help get rid of the odor from sweat and dirt, keeping them fresh until your next laundry day.



5. Selecting the right temperature: Hot, Cold, or Warm?

Most modern washing machines have a number of different settings and can wash clothes using a range of water temperatures. Instead of using warm water temperatures on literally everything, you can now start to make use of the ‘temperature setting’ on your washing machine.


Warm water is usually used for any standard cycle for regular load. Cold water cycle is used on anything that might shrink, clothes with bright colors, and any delicate fabric. Meanwhile, hot water is often used to deep clean clothes as high temperatures can sanitize them. Towels, cotton white and heavily stained items will always go inside the hot cycle.


Not to mention, hot water is the most suitable if you are using powdered detergent as it can dissolve them completely without leaving any residue. Nonetheless, please always make sure to read the label on your clothes and check the washing instructions beforehand to avoid ruining them.


6. Separate your fabric

One thing that I always recommend is to always separate your fabric. If you are an extra person, you can separate them according to colors; bright, white, and dark. However, for my personal preferences, I only separate my laundry into three categories; normal fabric, anything white, and towels. 


Woman holding clothing basket with white dirty clothes


This is actually to avoid any color bleeding into my white color clothes. When it comes to keeping whites white, I always love to use a hot water cycle as high temperature is helpful in removing dirt and any contamination from the clothing. If it feels too overwhelming to separate your laundry, don’t stress out, you can just mixed-load them as usual. As an alternative, use a stain catcher sheet and simply throw them into the wash, it will collect any colors that bleed so that it won’t transfer to the clothing.


7. Fluffy towels

The real secret to getting soft, fluffy and plush towels is you might want to add a little bit of distilled white vinegar and some baking soda into your towels laundry cycle. This laundry hack involve using only these ingredients and detergent, without any fabric softener needed. Now, my towels are extra soft and fluffy, it couldn’t be any better. A clever hack to try out for sure!


8. Maximize your drying process

Something that I’ve been doing for years is when I put all my clothes in the dryer, I will throw a dry bath towel along with the clothes. This helps absorb some of the moisture in there, thus speeding up the drying process. As an alternative, you can also use dryer wool balls as they serve the same purpose.


Multiple washed clothing hung outside clothesline to dry


Just an extra tip in stepping up your drying game, you can put a few drops of essential oils onto the balls and it will release a natural scent on the clothing. The biggest thing about the dryer that you will have to remember is, if your clothes still have stains after washing them, never ever put them inside the dryer.


The reason for this is because it will set in the stains and make it nearly impossible to remove them. Repeat the washing process until the stain is removed, then you can move it into the dryer.


9. Hanger holder

Black clothing hung on a hanger rack with clothes' hanger


A hanger holder is really helpful as it hangs extra hangers, keeping them all nice and stacked in the closet. It does not take much space at all, no hangers laying around, easy to grab and put away thus, making the washing to folding laundry process less messy. 


Available on Shopee for a price below RM5!


10. Wash your washer 

Last but not least, do not forget to clean your washer for two months. You can’t get your clothes clean if your washer is not clean.


You might want to put two cups of baking soda inside your empty washing machine and run that on a long hot water cycle. Baking soda is a mild abrasive so it’s going to go in and gently scrub the interior, removing some of those moldy odors.


A human turning the button on the washing machine in laundry room


After that cycle finishes, you might want to add two cups of distilled white vinegar and 20 drops of essential oil, and run them on another long hot cycle. This final process will help disinfect the interior of your washer. As for essential oils, I recommend lavender or lemon scent as they have antimicrobial properties for a better disinfectant process. 



So these are my go-to useful laundry tips that I’ve been practicing for so many years now. For sure, laundry can seem like an endless task. However, with some twists and turns befit to your preference, your laundry game can be stepped up on another level, making the process enjoyable and amusing.


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