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4 Years In The Same Company: Here’s How I Challenged My Complacency.

Last January marked the fourth year of me being in the same company. For past generations, four years may not seem like much; in fact, they might say we are still green in the industry. However, for most of the millennials, four years can be seen as a long time. I still remember when I first started my job as a content writer for an e-commerce company. Though the work environment was fun and I love my job, I was itching to do something else. Feeling stuck coupled with a few external factors, I was ready to spread my wings and fly someplace else.


So, after only a year or so of being in the company, I bid my farewells. As luck (and after a tremendous amount of time lurking through Jobstreet) would have it, I found the job I have today. It was a perfect fit for me as the position they were looking for is for content editing and they were a start-up company closely related to travelling — a field which I desperately wanted to go into during the pre-Covid era. After a few Skype interviews (this is a remote position, by the way), I was hired and was immediately given intensive training. It was tough, but the hard work I put through became worth it. I was able to progress from being a junior content editor to senior content editor today.


1. Recognizing my complacency.

Muslim woman sitting on the couch and working on a laptop

The years I have spent come with a set of struggles and it definitely was not a breeze. As I was working remotely even before working remotely was popularised, I had to endure the fact that I did not have any work buddies. Sure, I still have colleagues. But other than our chats and once-a-week Skype call, I was not making much human connection. My social circle stayed the same and showed no sign of widening. Don’t even get me started on the fact that I have to explain to people that just because I work at home does not mean I can relax and accept guests at all times! Sometimes, things get so overwhelming and I found myself wishing for just one day when I get to work next to my colleagues. Yes, it was that bad.


That feeling comes and goes like any other feeling would. And just like that, four years passed in a blink of an eye. When I realised that I hit my fourth-year mark, I suddenly felt a tinge of panic. All these questions came rushing over me: “Am I doing it right?”, “Am I on the right path?”, “Am I growing?”, “What if I am just too comfortable and afraid to challenge myself?”, “AM I BEING COMPLACENT?”.


There it was. That was the question that I had hid from myself for such a long period to the point I just couldn’t ignore it any longer. But, before I let my panic attack consume me, I did what I do best: I made a list. I listed down all the achievements I have made for the past four years — be it big or small. With the list in my hand, my worries did not seem so big after all.


2. Acknowledging my achievements — big or small.

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By making that list, I was able to see that despite being in the same company for four years, I managed to combat being complacent though sometimes it might seem like it. I realised that even though I have been working for the same company, I pushed myself to do some freelancing jobs on the side that allowed me to connect with other people. Secondly, although my social circle became smaller, it also became stronger. Due to my flexible schedule, I was able to see my friends outside office hours. This gave me the chance to strengthen the bonds we have created. Last but not least, although my job scope has not changed that much for the past four years, I still learned something new every day because of the constant changes and improvements made by the company.


3. Being complacent is more to do with my mindset, not where I am in life.

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This also made me realise that just because content editing is my daily job, it does not mean that I can’t learn anything new. Indirectly, being at the same place for so long has made me realise that I am free to learn and do whatever I want to do. I learned that the only thing that is stopping me is myself. Because of these reasons, I do not regret staying in the same company and these are also the reasons why I chose to stay. I realised that being complacent is not about staying at the same place. Rather, being complacent is when you are afraid to try anything new or improve the situation in your life even though deep down you know you deserve better.




At the end of the day, what matters is that no matter where you are or what you have achieved in life, you are not afraid of growing and continuing to improve yourself. It’s okay to feel complacent sometimes. But it is not okay to turn a blind eye to it and refusing to upgrade yourself even though you know you need to. So, always strive to keep growing and bettering yourself. Not for your boss, not for your friends or your family, but for yourself. Quoting Tony Robbin, “The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.”

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