Man holding two burgers with fries

Burger Joints You Should Try Other Than Mcdonalds

Malaysians are spoilt for choice when it comes to burgers. Sure, we have the mainstream food chains such as Mcdonalds, KFC, Texas Chicken, and more. But we’re privileged to also have the famous ‘street chefs’ whipping up Ramly burgers for us by the hour!


Man holding two burgers with fries


One would assume the market is already heavily saturated, and that we have a system overload of burger-focused businesses, but creative minds with a passion for business won’t let this stop them! So, here’s 5 local and unique burger joints you should definitely check out.



1. Fowlboys

You may have heard of them already, but these Fowlboys and their burgers have only been getting more popular for their signature buttermilk-fried chicken! 


Fowl boy burgers with different flavours

Source: Fowlboys

Status: Halal, Muslim-owned, no Halal certification (yet) 


Although Fowlboys first started during the very first MCO in 2020, they’ve already amassed a large following and a loyal customer base. Their forte is not just the usual fried chicken, but specifically more towards Southern-style fried chicken, burgers, and waffles!


Fowlbows specialize in buttermilk anything – their burger patties and chicken wings are all fried with buttermilk batter! May sound unconventional, but one of their burgers called ‘Motherclucker’ is a Buttermilk fried chicken thigh burger layered with garlic mayo, fowl jam, and jalapeno slaw. 


Did I make you hungry? If not, one of their customer’s feedback was that their burgers were like the Spicy Mcdeluxe, but on steroids! If I did make you hungry though, satisfy your cravings by ordering now via Grab, Beep, FoodPanda, or in-store at their Mont Kiara branch! Want to see the menu first? Check out the descriptions on the Grab menu, or just order at their site immediately.


2. Barely Legal 

There’s a lot of things Malaysians can’t do before they hit 21 (like vote, but that’s a whole other conversation), but one could always get a Barely Legal burger at any age! 


Source: Barely Legal

Status: Pork-free


This burger joint may be closed on Tuesdays, but they’re open every other day selling you the most authentic burgers! Their burgers truly set themselves apart from the rest of the market. Take their meal Harold & Kumar for example, a classic Australian beef patty with balsamic caramelised onions, fresh tomato slices, fried egg, and cheese of course!


If you haven’t found your habibi yet, just order one! This burger is a Maghreb-inspired spiced lamb burger, with homemade beetroot hummus, Tzaziki sauce, and slaw that comes with charcoal sourdough buns. The ingredient list of Barely Legal burgers has already beaten every other mainstream burger joint’s copywriting game.


Trust Barely Legal on truly being gourmet-focused, as they also have other options such as vegan burgers, and Balinese or Korean-inspired burgers!  Are you convinced? Order via the Beep app for ease, or build your own burger with them through, or head to Smartbite for orders above 10 pax.



3. Sneaky Burgers

I’ve got another hidden gem hidden in my pocket, and it’s called Sneaky Burgers! Brought to you by @porky_burgers, this business cooks up scrumptious gourmet pork burgers.


Sneaky delicious burgers

Source: Sneaky Burgers 

Status: Non-halal 


Sneaky Burgers’ menu is a mix of your everyday and gourmet burgers, but they specialize in only pork-meat burgers! Their Porky Classic Burger is the reinvented pork burger with the standard sesame seed burger bun. Made with homemade pork patty, caramelised onions, pickled green chili, and Porky’s special sauce! 


They also have a special menu, where you can find the Sneaky “Bac-Stab” Burger – a charcoal sesame seed burger bun with TRIPLE bacon, cheese, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, caramelised onions, pickled gherkins, Porky’s special sauce.


Keep them pinned for your next lunch and place an order either by the or their phone number at 6012-6550157!



4. Trio Sliders

99% of the time, a meal is just ONE burger, but talented duos Qayyim and Syafiq have created the 3 in 1 burger concept under their new business called Trio Sliders!


Trio buns with different menu selection

Source: Trio Sliders

Status: Halal 


These two talented men started their own mini burger joint during the first MCO. They specialize in thick and juicy trio burger sliders (hence the name!). From a base price of RM13, you can get trio sliders such as Classic Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Classic Fat Beef. Also, you can even have a Mix Slider where you can get one of each! 


But don’t be fooled by the word classic, as Trio Slider’s classic burger is distinctive for its incorporation of caramelized onion,  raita, and coriander! What can get better than a humble business selling mouth-watering burgers? You are actually buying one! Get some trio sliders now either by Foodpanda, AirAsia delivery, or contacting them over their WhatsApp hotline now.



5. WoodFire KL

When we talk about gourmet burgers, WoodFire KL is truly the cream of the crop! 


Firewood buns

Source: WoodFireKL

Specializing in huge, stuffed, and cheesy burgers, their burgers come with different flavours. Moreover, their ingredients aren’t so common in other places! Some of their burgers have a distinctive BBQ flavour, glazed with salted egg sauce and more. 


Their normal burgers are already gigantic, but then comes their double patty burgers that are a force to be reckoned with. WoodFire KL is truly the place to go too if you’re looking for a big savoury bite. Order via their Whatsapp hotline now to grab those burgers now!



In case you haven’t realized, Malaysians truly are one of the few people who have such a vast and diverse palette! I mean, which other country can handle eating a burger or even a meal that has a mix of 4 or more flavours. All from different cultural influences right?

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