A studio with camera and lighting equipment

Budget-Friendly Studios & Spaces For Your Filming Needs!

Have you always wanted to dabble into filmmaking or to direct your own short film? Like many other people, not everyone can afford a DSLR camera. Plus, producing a video takes a lot of equipment. There are mics, lightboxes, reflectors, multiple cameras for different vantage points, and more! If you dream to be a YouTuber (it is a legitimate career now!) or even to do your own product flat lays, this list will definitely help you! Here are a few budget-friendly studios and spaces to rent for all your filming needs.


1. Darkroom Project

A studio with camera and lighting equipment

The Darkroom Project is perfect for smaller creatives on a budget or if you’re just a beginner!

Rental Price: RM40 per hour, minimum of 2 hours.

If you are just starting out, the Darkroom Project in Petaling Jaya offers all the basics you may need for budget-friendly studios. They have 3 different types of shoots; general studio rental, headshot photography and fitness portraits! What’s also great about this place is that although it’s budget, they offer tonnes of free amenities such as backdrops, studio assistance, makeup station use and much more.

You can also rent additional lighting equipment for only RM25 per hour or RM50 for 3 hours, and I dare say that’s a steal! If you rent their space for more than 5 hours though, the fee for lighting gets waived. Do note though that headshot photography and fitness portraits are different!

2. Studio Duo Space

Want another studio to rent? Try our Shantal Soh’s Studio Duo!

Ladies making art around a table

Source: Studio Duo
Rental Price: RM90 for 2 hours, minimum of 2 hours to book.
Shantal Soh wears many hats, and at Studio Duo she is both the founder and the photographer! Having started this a few days before the Movement Conditional Order in March 2020, her rates are still fair. She stayed true to her intentions, as she started this business for the creative community to have a budget-friendly studio or space that was both affordable and approachable.
If you’re expecting your shoot to be longer, Studio Duo only charges RM60 for every following hour after the first 2 hours! In case you require a photographer, the offer starts at RM150. Regardless, they also have various equipment you can use such as a backdrop stand and a C-stand. Props wise, their benches, chairs, speakers, and arch are free to use too!


3. Cermin Studio

At Cermin Studio, you can organize small events like workshops, parties, photoshoots and more at this loft-turned-studio!

Photographer taking pictures of three ladies in a studio space

Rental Price: RM150 for 2 hours.
Being a fashion photographer, the owner of Cermin Studio saw that there was a rising need in boutique spaces for studio or photography purposes. Hence, they opened Cermin Studio in August 2020!
Aside from their standard charges, you only need to give an RM50 deposit to book your slot. If your event will take nearly a whole day, you can try their promotional price of RM600 for 9 hours! They are definitely one of the budget-friendly studios you should consider! Regardless of which package you purchase, all of their furniture and props are included in the price. They also have 4 backdrop colours to pick from; white, dark brown, brown, and nude.
Although they don’t provide lighting or sound equipment, they do have an in-house photographer that you can hire for RM140 per hour. On an even better note, you can get free unlimited shots and photo editing.


4. Yellow Hive

If you have more than a little room in your wallet, the next best place to film or shoot is at Yellow Hive!

A three-piece band singing and playing the guitar in a studio space
Source: YellowHive
Rental Price: RM100+ per hour.
This full-fledged studio has got all your filming needs in one place! On their site, you can see that they have a cyclorama & photography studio, a recording studio, a dressing room, and a green screen too*. Aside from that, you can also get a personal mini-fridge to use, free wifi, and if you’re driving—a parking space!
They also have multiple different coloured backdrops and lighting equipment for you to use. However, sound equipment and cameras are not provided, so be sure to find or get your own before booking! Overall, although the price is a tad bit higher at RM100 per hour, it’s still worth it as you get so many amenities for free.
*The cyclorama & photography studio has a different rental price to the recording studio


5. Huzeifa Studio

A beauty product being modelled by a hand model

Source: Huzeifa Flatlay

If you have been trying to do a product flat lay but are having a hard time, you can always seek Huzeifa Studio for their assistance!
Huizeifa Studio is a killer at product flat lays and photoshoots. I personally have been following their page for a while, and they consistently produce shoots that are top-notch advertising material! Many local beauty businesses such as BeauTyra or actresses like Dayana Roza always opt for their studio as they are familiar with the quality of their work.
They are also not stingy, as they even share a lot of photography & videography tips on their page, truly taking budget-friendly to a whole other level! From time to time, you can also have a sneak peek at their behind-the-scenes too. If you want to see their work, check out their Instagram pages at Huzeifa Studio or Huzeifa Flatlay!
Do remember that it isn’t a must to film in an actual studio. If you’re on a tighter budget, you can always just create your own makeshift studio! Just get a backdrop, a phone camera, a mic (would be better!), a phone stand and a ring light. You can get all of these things for an awesome price on Shopee or Lazada!

A realism artist and an aspiring filmmaker. She’s also a devotee to R&B music and an advocate for racial equality.

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