Ethic women laughing and showing body positivity

Body Positive Influencers To Follow Now

Instagram at its peak made some people obsessed with ‘likes’. Moreover, the rise of TikTok’s popularity has now apparently influenced young girls to ‘skip’ their pre-teen years immediately start dressing and acting like 17-year-olds. With the birth of such apps, there will inevitably be those caveats.


Ethic women laughing and showing body positivity


But what’s also great is that the size, health, and beauty-inclusive community can now grow too! More people are being more upfront about beauty standards, such as skin dimpling, realistic aging, and more; Hence, here are a few body-positive influencers to follow now to tune out those toxic beauty standards.



1. Nalisa Alia Amin

Although she may not publicly regard herself as a body-positive advocate, Nalisa has always been vocal about the topics she cares about! One of them just so happens to be about loving your body.


Nalisa body positive advocate

Source: Nalisa Alia Amin


Nalisa’s continued portrayal and sharing of her journey of loving her body have gained the attention of many others. Why? It’s because she’s unapologetic about her struggles and doesn’t filter any of her low points. Most importantly, she’s proud of her progress!


It’s not just netizens who have noticed her though. Although we can’t give all the credit to her, local brands have started booking Nalisa to grace their magazine pages. This in turn shows every young Malaysian that they’re taking a step towards being more inclusive in their work and portrayal of women.


2. Rocyie Wong

Rocyie has always been candid about her journey of living with psoriasis, but she took it a step further by creating safe communities for people to talk about the health conditions they’ve lived with!


Woman holding a flower and being happy

Source: Rocyie and Neesha Krish


As the founder of Safe Space, Rocyie has used her platform to allow others to submit stories on their journey. This way, the more people share about their experiences of living with psoriasis, the fewer future generations will have to deal with all the questions and stares about their skin. 


Groups like these create conversations that weren’t the norm to have before. One example was how via this group, many people got to know that psoriasis can look differently on varying skin tones. Whereby, those with darker skin tend to be misdiagnosed as in most cases, psoriasis is more documented on fair skin. 


It’s people like Rocyie, who share their experiences and take initiative to change the narrative, that makes the world truly progress further.


3. Sonya Danita Charles

This fashion enthusiast isn’t just your everyday model, but is also someone with a cause she’s fighting for! In this case, Sonya has always been open about being a body-positive advocate and often has shared her story about growing up with vitiligo in Malaysia.


Ethic girl holding an orange and a cream looking happy

Source: Sonia


The thing about Sonya is, she always tries to look at the more positive side of things! She pushes the envelope on Malaysian beauty standards by being unapologetically herself. She is always real when it comes to deep talks about the perceptions of beauty in today’s world. 


Sonya has always publicly shared online about her growing up with vitiligo. This helps break the social stigma that many Malaysians still carry around. If you want to hear more from Sonya, you can even check out this podcast interview she did with Taobao where she goes into more detail about being comfortable in her own skin!


4.  Danae Mercer

Danae Mercer does a phenomenal job at breaking down toxic online beauty standards, such as exposing how people pose in certain ways to achieve the perfect picture. She’s known as one of the most vocal TikTok personalities when it comes to body positivity. 


Body positivity edit with girl showing difference

Source: Danae Mercer


Danae has really gone out of her way to educate the public on what real beauty looks like. From showing hundreds of before & after videos and pictures of skin dimpling in different lighting to exposing diet pills and face-altering beauty apps, she’s never shied away from telling people the facts of the matter.


Maybe it’s because she’s a journalist herself, and ideally, a writer would need to be honest and realistic about their work. Whatever Danae is doing though, it’s successfully helping more people love themselves and detach themselves from unattainable beauty standards. If you’re struggling to stop comparing yourself to others online, try following and watching Danae’s content. It will help you understand how you’re truly perfect already!


5. Clara Guillem

Another body-positive activist, Clara’s most popular videos are when she documents how her weight and body fluctuates within 24 hours!


Happy girl showing the her real body

Source: Clara Guillem


Clara, to the everyday person, looks completely healthy and would most probably have things like a flat stomach or a thigh gap. However, through her videos like this one, Clara’s usual routine is to show off an outfit she was wearing before eating, and then document how she looks after a meal in the same outfit. She will test this out on different clothing too, so people know that she’s not faking any of the changes.


Clara has always been frank about how bloating, especially after enjoying a hearty meal is perfectly normal! There have been people who questioned her as to why she bothers to do this. But the answer is simple: many things that skinny or athletic folks never have rolls, bulges, or bloated tummies. However, that is far from the case as everyone always has some extra meat, and Clara’s videos help normalize this fact!



Hopefully, you will be able to filter who you follow online more after reading this list! What we see on an everyday basis on our timelines really affects us. It also, shapes how we think about not just ourselves but for others too. So, take some time to reprioritize who you want to be around, even if it’s only virtually as it can still affect us in real life!


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