Man sitting with his dog looking at a lake

5 Benefits Of Having Pets And Why You Should Have One Too!

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love having a pet? I’ve always dreamed of having one. That dream turned into reality when my parents surprised me and my younger sister with a dog when I was just 12 years old. Imagine my excitement when I came home to news of us getting our first-ever pet dog! 


Over the years, I realized that having a pet has changed my life. For the better, of course! They are just tiny (or sometimes big) creatures that are filled with so much joy and affection to give to the world, which I think is a blessing in disguise. 


In this article, I’ll be sharing five benefits of having pets for those who are thinking of getting one and how they can brighten up your life. Let’s get right into it!


1. They are loyal companions.

Just like how the saying ‘pets are your best friends’ goes, pets are your most loyal companions. Your journey in life is unpredictable and can sometimes leave you feeling lonely. For instance, you might be going through a tough break-up, moved to a new city for a career change, or experiencing the loss of a family member. A pet will be there for you to provide a stable, happy, and safe relationship.

Man sitting with his dog looking at a lake

Moreover, coming home to pets engulf you with such a euphoric feeling. They’ll welcome you home with open arms and be there to let you rant to them even if they don’t understand you. Take one look at their cute faces and you’ll instantly feel better!


2. They give unconditional love.

If there is one thing I know about unconditional love, it would be what pets have for their owners. Even if they misbehave sometimes, (like pooping all over the kitchen floor instead of the bathroom), they’ll still be there for you and care for you no matter what. They won’t make you question the security of your relationship with them, unlike your other human relationships.

They make you feel safe, calm, and most importantly, happy. And being happy is an emotion that is much needed in this harsh world. Dogs and cats show their affection by always wanting to be near you and cuddle with you but other pets such as a hamster or a fish, may not. That doesn’t make the love any less real!


3. They provide emotional support.

As humans, we tend to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves because we are always striving to improve and grow further. Whatever tough situations you’re facing, a pet will be by your side to help you get through them. If you ever find yourself feeling anxious, stressed out or sad, a pet can sense that shift in emotion and they’ll be there for emotional support.

Boy sitting alone with his dog and petting him

Pets are carefree, just petting or cuddling with them can significantly lower your worries and feelings of distress. They’ll elevate the levels of serotonin and dopamine (also known as happy hormones), which keeps you feeling calm and relaxed, providing a renewed sense of motivation to get through the day. This is definitely one of the most apparent benefits of having pets.


4. They help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Pets need constant attention. For instance, dogs need to be walked, fed, and played with regularly. Because of their high-energy nature, they need to go on walks. And if your dog is walking or running, then so are you. To some people, routine exercise may be hard to commit to, but if you’re a dog owner that could all change!

Dog sitting and smiling on a trackfield

You can bring your dog to a nearby park for an evening jog or stroll to ensure both you and your dog get the exercise needed for that day. On the plus side, if you’re working a 9-5 job, regular exercise can improve your health by a large margin. Studies have also found that dog owners exercise for an additional half an hour per week! What a win-win situation and one of the greatest benefits of having pets, right?


5. They help you meet new people.

Another one of the benefits of having pets is that they provide social support by helping you meet new people and ultimately, make new friends. You can bring your pet to the park and strike up conversations with random people by expressing your excitement for seeing their pets. And if you’re a cat owner, there are also plenty of cat cafes for you to visit and meet new people as well.

In my experience, talking about your pet is also a good ice-breaking starter. Whether it be for a new university class or work department, you’ll find something in common to talk about if the other party has a pet as well.



It can definitely be quite a challenge to have a pet because they require constant care and attention. For example, if you have a dog, you would need to train and walk them. But the end result of all that training and care will be rewarding and worth every second. Your pet is and will become your one true friend and companion, they won’t complain because all they want to do is to show you their affection. If you’re ever thinking about getting yourself a furry companion, remember to adopt, don’t shop! There are so many benefits to adopting a pet, but the best of all is that you’ll be making a new best friend.

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