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Affordable Pork-Free & Non-Halal Local Eateries For Your Next Food Delivery

Ever fancied eating food from some of the best local restaurants at home? If you’re looking for the best local food delivery in Malaysia, look no further. Eating restaurant food at home requires a change of mindset, from enjoying the entire atmospheric experience of dining out to simply appreciating the food in our own surroundings. Instead of hitting the closest drive-thru and settling for fast food, there are plenty of places around town that offer affordable eats that are super tasty. It’s time to get creative with how you spend your ringgits – stretch your money by taking advantage of the following best value for money for your weekend healthy takeout meals that are absolutely worth the calories.


Malaysia is a melting pot of culture, with different races living harmoniously together. Naturally, there would be a diverse ‘food culture‘ – how lucky we are! Think takeaway, and pizza and normal chicken rice might come to mind. But with people being asked to stay home to control the spread of COVID-19, some of the best restaurants and cafes are getting into the takeaway and delivery game. Help your local favourites through this tough time by ordering takeaway instead. Here’s a list of who’s selling what, ranging from pork-free to non-halal delicacies you should try for your next local food delivery!


1. Baan Sukhothai, Ipoh (Pork-Free)

What most of us think of as “Thai Food” is better conceived as several regional cuisines that share common ingredients and techniques. We’re lucky – Baan Sukhothai is one of the places where you can experience them all distinctly. Plan your next Thai Food take out feast from this hut, they have dishes such as tom yum, green curry, grilled meats and eye-watering som tam salad. Are you curious about trying Thai that breaks away from the tastes you’re used to? Baan Sukhothai is perfect for you. It celebrates Southern Thai food, with its speciality being Khantoke – an arrangement of Thai curries, relishes and jams. All dishes are priced reasonably well and it’s a great stop off on your way to Ipoh.

Baan Sukhotai Fried Chicken Food

Source: Baan Sukhothai Instagram


Place your order from anywhere through their website! Drop by their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to feast your eyes on their delicious dishes too! You may then choose either for self-collection from the shop or direct delivery to your doorstep. Delivery charges may apply and delivery is FREE for any order amount of RM80 & above. The options said are only available within the Ipoh area. Should you have any questions, kindly Whatsapp 016-5630420!


Order online at Baan Sukhothai GeniusPos.

Location: 2-1, Persiaran Greentown 6, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak

Contact: 016 – 563 0420


2. Kotak Ayam, Damansara Uptown (Pork-Free)

Kotak Ayumm Steam Chicken Food

Source: Kotak Ayumm


A very straight to the tummy, no holds barred place. Rice comes with beautiful tender chicken, broth and the most delicious rice, steeped in flavour. There are many delicious dishes to choose from for your local food delivery option. Today, I gave this place a whirl. The menu and cooking style leans more towards the Chinese Hainanese side of the Malaysian food spectrum. I really liked their version of Hainan chicken rice, while the chicken I tried was good – tender and moist with ginger and shallot flavours poking through. Also, make it extra wet with a splash of soy. 


Orders can be made through the GrabFood or FoodPanda app. You can select a self-pickup option to enjoy a special rate of discount too! For further details, head to Kotak Ayumm’s Instagram page to get more information.


Location: 14a, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact: 018 – 215 8999


3. 19 Seafood Restaurant, Subang Jaya (Pork-Free)

19 Seafood Restaurant Braised Crab Food

Source: 19 Seafood Restaurant Instagram


There’s nothing like spinning the lazy Susan at home and having a bed of seafood cradling saucy XO pipis land in front of you. With a string of culinary endorsements by likes under the belt, the pork-free restaurant in the heart of Subang City needs no introduction. While there are a number of tasty options on the menu, the highlights of this institution are seafood platters. As far as seafood platters go, indulge in one of the two seafood platters on offer both serving an array of delectable seafood that is about as impressive as the view. Bucket lists seafood as its best.


Lucky Subangites, head to their Facebook and Instagram page for more information on how to place your order now.


Location: City Mall, G01, G02, G03 & G03A, Persiaran Kewajipan, Usj 19, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Contact: 010 – 290 1898


4. Lean & Rush, Kuala Lumpur (Pork-Free)

Lean & Rush Rice Bowl Takeaway Food

Source: Lean & Rush Instagram


Priding itself on providing a welcoming environment for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians is Lean & Rush’s mission, and they do it really well. I urge you to give the Kimchi Bowl a crack and you will definitely love it. You will get an excellent, tasty meal with no kitchen time required, but without the added guilt – it’s healthy! Before you think healthy eating has to be expensive, Lean & Rush is definitely the place to go. Much like the name suggests the meal delivery service is all about chowing down on healthy, nutrient-rich meals that are equal parts drool-worthy and good for your gut. Click here to order!


Check out their Facebook and Instagram page for more mouth-watering photos of their delicious dishes.


Address: Unit No. GF-38, Nu Sentral Mall No, 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: 012 – 891 3910


5. Hawker Hall, Kuala Lumpur (Pork-Free)

Hawker Hall Carbonara Food

Source: Hawker Hall Instagram


Double the spice and everything is nice! Hawker Hall, cooking up the best Malaysian yum cha you’ve ever devoured. For those looking to supercharge their yum cha, you may treat yourselves to additional Hawker Hall flavour, which includes Malaysian hawker fried chicken with chili – coconut sambal, and char kway teow with rice noodles and prawns. While the nationwide is in lockdown, the Hawker Hall chefs have not been sitting on their hands. In addition to noodle, rice, roti and curry dishes, expect plenty of cumin, turmeric and cinnamon courtesy of Malaysia’s Indian connection.


Orders can be made through Grabfood or Foodpanda Apps or via their link here. If you need some more yummy food on your social media feed, check out their Facebook and Instagram page for more.


Address: No. 22, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03 – 5888 4030


6. Bushido, Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur (Non-Halal)

If we had to use one word to describe Bushido, it’d be ‘lifestyle’. It’s got distinct food and drink spaces, and its owners hope it’ll one day be added to the World’s Best Restaurants list. Whether you love good ramen, love to tear into yakitori or enjoy a Japanese-style happy hour, there’ll be something to satisfy you in this latest Japanese themed outlet. More recently the cuisine has spread across the planet. Go to Bushido, not just for the gyoza and tori karaage chicken don made from scratch, or the whisky highballs or bowls of noodles. Go for the izakaya experience, which has been carefully cultivated by the owners. 

Bushido Ramen Food

Source: Bushido Instagram


In true salaryman style, begin the stay-at-home evening with a beer and sticks of egg-cellent tamago in various flavours, a wide range of yakitori then continue onto highballs (Suntory whisky and soda) and plates of salty, vinegary, garlicky karaage. Wrap up proceedings with buttered, aromatic yakitoris, sake and noodles. 


For takeout orders, kindly reach them via Facebook or Instagram. Should you have any enquiries, kindly Whatsapp 012 – 281 8342.


Location: G(E)-001, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact: 012 – 281 8342


7. Guang Bar (Non-Halal)

Is so-called Asian-fusion cuisine a perversion? Or is it pervasive for a reason? Guang Bar has been one of the biggest players, dominating with its infectiously playful menu that ships everything from cheesy gyoza and pizza, to sake pork noodles, clam pasta with Tiger Crystal Beer (The Drunken Asari Pasta) and the Malaysian Chinese favourite Hokkien fried noodles.

Guang Bar Rice Bowls Food

Source: Guang Bar Instagram


If you like to start your day the Japanese way, Guang is the place to go for your next local food delivery option. The jewel in its crown is The Bom Bom – perfectly stir-fried roast pork with a dash of sugar and their special spices. Do not skip their variety of flavours of dons and pizzas. The cocktails follow the seasons and include Japanese ingredients such as sake and soba-infused Japanese whisky. Maybe I may not know much about it yet, but they will use seasonal Malaysia produce and be “innovative”. The penchant for furiously clashing Asian Malaysian flavours with other influences spills over the cocktail menu as well. There are at least some modern ideas that could qualify for this list. 


Orders can be placed through the GrabFood app or on Whatsapp directly to their contact number. They can also be reached on Facebook or Instagram!


Location: Check out their locations on their Instagram

Contact: 012 – 281 8342


8. Loong Kee Dried Meat (Non-Halal)

Loong Kee Meat Rice Bowl Food

Source: Loong Kee Dried Meat Instagram


In a world full of fast-food chains and assembly line food production, it’s nice to see some foodies winding back the trend towards innovative menus. Grab a bite for this best and most convenient take-out that won’t result in you sobbing when trying on jeans or attempting to run for the LRT ride. Loong Kee has combined simple flavours to create flavoursome, healthy snacks that are perfect to take away with just a click. We often think the key to healthy eating is to remove unnecessary additives and stick to simplicity. The menu here is dried meat (bakwa), and remains faithful to traditional Malaysian Chinese snack bites. Grab a bite to eat on the run while you are running that house chores at home. This is best recommended for those who are in the WFH (working from home) mood. I would always prefer having this in my caesar salad bowl. 


For orders, kindly head to their webpage or drop by any of their outlets in shopping malls once restrictions ease. You can also follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates! 


Contact:  03-2144 5423



As a diner, I am a component of the restaurant community and I have put together a list of all the local food deliveries in your area. I urge you to show your support by choosing one of these restaurants during this difficult time. We are in this together. Stay home, stay safe and enjoy your meal!

TAKE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some of these specials may have been temporarily suspended. If you are unsure if any of the below deals are currently active, you are encouraged to contact the venue directly to confirm before ordering!

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