Affordable And Meaningful Christmas Gifts You Can Get For Your Loved Ones


Are you ready for Christmas?


Some of you may be ecstatic that the season of giving is near, others may be anxious because the year is almost over, and I’m pretty sure some people have numbed themselves from all happiness after what has happened this crazy year.


But hey, let’s give Christmas a chance, alright?


Gifting is not about buying luxurious gifts for our loved ones and friends; those are the things that are marketed to us through targeted advertisements on social media. If you are not keen on spending a bomb on Christmas gifts this year, I’ve got a list that you don’t have to check twice!


1. Mystery Pot of Soil

At an event I attended a few years ago, the organisers gifted the guests a pot with soil. Of course, some of us were puzzled until we read the tag that instructed us to water the soil and nurture the seedling that emerges from the pot.


The thing is, we didn’t know what plant it was until it grows, which adds an element of mystery and excitement to it. Plus, nurturing a plant does not require too much responsibility – just water, a little bit of sunlight and voila, you’re a plant parent!


Did you know that more and more people are turning to plants and gardening for a sliver of hope during these unprecedented times? You can now be a messenger of hope!


All you need are seeds (you can get a bunch of them from online stores for less than RM20), soil (there are less than RM5 a bag), and some seedling pots like these cute, pastel-coloured pots or these affordable mini pots.

2. Handwritten Calligraphy Poster

Have you ever tried your hand in calligraphy? If you did, you should totally do up a personal calligraphy poster as a gift. From classic calligraphy to modern brush lettering, it is one of the hottest hobbies right about now. Well, why not put your flourishing talent to practice by lettering personalised posters for your family and friends?


You could write their favourite quote, a word they use frequently, or pen a message to cheer them up. If you have started doing some form of calligraphy, I am sure you have some of the tools, so you don’t have to buy extra ones just to create this gift. If you don’t have any tools, you can get some simple and affordable Pentel brush pens from your local bookstore, or opt for higher quality pens from Stickerrific! All you need is paper (determine the size first), your tools, and your creativity. You could also frame it up before gifting it!


3. MCO Secret Recipe


Some of us were pretty occupied in the kitchen during the lockdown. I think I’ve seen so many people being master chefs in their own right on social media; cooking Basque burnt cheesecakes, boba pearls, sourdough bread, gyoza and of course, who can forget Dalgona coffee?


If you’ve created a dish or dessert that you deem delicious, don’t be shy to share it! You could be the next Chrissy Teigen, whipping out cookbooks and finding yourself married to a legend.


Okay, maybe not – BUT, you can still make your recipe a meaningful gift!


I know some grandparents who have written down their precious recipes in notebooks to pass it down to their children and grandchildren as an heirloom. Plus, it is such a precious gift.


All you have to do is use Canva (download the free app on your phone or use their online website) to design your recipe card(s), print them on sturdy cardboard, tie them with ribbons, and add a heartfelt note!

4. Hearty Coffee Beans

Along that same tangent on spending more time in the kitchen, many of us have had to resort to making our own cup of joe every morning since we couldn’t really get out of the house as often to get a cuppa. Not only that, getting coffee delivered to your place can get really pricey in the long run!


If you know someone who is a lover of all things coffee, consider getting them a blend of coffee beans that you know they haven’t tried before. This Taster Pack Trio from Perk Coffee offers a good variety of flavours that you can gift to that caffeine-crazy someone! What’s cool about this pack is that you can opt for whole beans, ground coffee, or even convenient drip bags. It’ll definitely show your care and attention you’ve paid to your loved one whenever they talk about how they like to brew their perfect cup of coffee!


The convenient single-use pack of 15 drip bags costs only RM79.00, which means that each cup they brew will only cost about RM5.30 a pop! Talk about getting value for money, right?


If you’re feeling generous and fancy, you can also opt to gift Perk Coffee’s limited edition, rare pack of Janson Madreselva de Jazmίn Gesha coffee beans to your loved ones. This coffee has a fantastic floral and fruity profile with the tasting notes of strawberry, blueberry, jasmine, and caramel cream with an amazing aroma of maple syrup, roses, and honeysuckle.


Get your loved ones some great coffee this Christmas!


5. Hand-Sewn Face Mask

If you have nimble fingers and can work a needle and thread, how about sewing a face mask for your family and friends? It is practical, and I assure you, they are definitely going to use it!

All you need is a needle, thread, scissors, a round or flat elastic strip, and cloth with your desired design. If you want to save your money and the environment, you could use cloth from the clothes you do not want to wear anymore (but please ensure they are clean and still in good condition, okay?).


It will be a little faster if you have a sewing machine at home. Otherwise, hand sewing can be pretty therapeutic as well.


If you don’t have a sewing machine, follow this tutorial.

If you do have a sewing machine, try this tutorial instead!

6. Write A Memoir

Your gift of writing can also be a gift to others. This Christmas, you can make your family and friends feel fuzzy-wuzzy inside by penning down a short memoir about them. You could write a 1,000-word story (if you think that is too long, you can try poems instead) about an incident with that person, how they make you feel, or where you see them in the future. It can be fiction or nonfiction, as long as they are your inspiration for what you are writing.

Once completed (it might take some time), print it out and bind it. If it is a super short story, print in A6 columns and bind it to make a cute book. Or else, you can go with an A5 sized paper too!


7. Illustrated Portrait


When photos are so easily accessible, illustrated portraits become more precious. For those who are good at drawing with a physical tool or digitally, I’d like to challenge you to draw a portrait of your loved ones this Christmas.


I received an illustrated portrait of my husband and me to be used for my wedding, and I was ecstatic. It was so precious to me because that friend took the time to stare at me and my husband’s facial features before putting it on paper and digitalising it.


If you want to cheat, okay also lah, pay for someone like Out of Dust or Artsy Jaja to do it for you loh.


These gifts might take a little more effort, but I am positive that your receivers will hold them more dearly to their heart. With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to emulate the elves in the North Pole and produce some gifts your receivers will remember for a long, long time.

A concoction of oxymoronic attributes, Rachel Yeoh is a lazy overachiever. She writes for a living, sings when the sun goes down and runs a homemade granola company with whatever is left of her time. Always planning for something to do while procrastinating on her bed - she is quick to be on her feet at any chance to travel.

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