Man and woman laughing and watching a show together at home

8 Classic Shows & Movies You Should Watch

When was the last time you used the word “classic”? Were you describing a book, music, or a particular architecture? If you are a movie lover, you would have probably heard of people referring to movie X or movie Y as classics that everyone should watch. 


But what makes a movie or a show classic? According to a CNN report, two main elements stand out in particular. Firstly, high emotional resonance among the audience that lasts beyond the movie (Timeless). Secondly, how storytelling is being captured through various angles and technology (Redefining Culture through filmmaking). 


Man and woman laughing and watching a show together at home


Here are some classic shows and movies that you can start watching (or re-watching) to immerse yourself in the world of iconic characters and stories.



Don’t Stop The Music (Family’s favourite sing-along classics)

1. The Sound of Music

An evergreen classic that has stood the test of time, this 1965 movie colourfully depicts the adventure of free-spirited nun wannabe, Maria (Julie Andrews) as an unconventional and fun governess to the seven children of the strict Captain von Trapp.


The sound of music movie sceneSource: Buzzfeed


You have certainly heard of songs like Do-Re-Mi and Edelweiss growing up and you will find yourself singing along naturally when the scenes play on screen.

Fun fact: The Sound of Music won the Best Picture and Best Director Award for the Academy Awards and it is loosely adapted from the 1949 memoir, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers.


2. Annie

A tale of hope, mischief with a ray of sunshine, Annie is a movie that truly embodies the quote “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”


Mistreated by her orphanage’s owner, Annie’s life experienced a drastic change when she suddenly got to live for a week with billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Annie’s cheerful demeanor slowly warmed his heart and the rest of the household.


Annie the musical show

Source: Hypable

Warbucks became determined to look for Annie’s biological parents after she told him about her locket that was left by her parents. Soon, many people began to flock to the household, each claiming to be Annie’s parents, creating several funny and dramatic episodes. Keep your eyes to the end to see if Annie eventually reunites with her parents.



You Belong With Me (Destiny packed rom-com classics) 

3. You’ve Got Mail

Throwback to the days when receiving email notifications used to be a heart-fluttering experience. This 1998 classic follows Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) who runs Fox Books and Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) who owns an independent bookstore, The Shop Around The Corner in New York City.


You've got mail movie

Source: CafeMom


It is funny how the main leads appear to hate each other in real life (they are practically business rivals). However, they are also long-time online pen-pals with great chemistry. I like how this movie talks about the personal touch of storytelling, the role of independent bookstores in the publishing industry, and how important it is to communicate effectively in a relationship. The dialogues and character growth are brilliant.


Highly recommended if you are a book lover. I may have shed a tear or two while watching the ending scene.


4. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 

The Bollywood classic centers around Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) and two Anjalis. Rahul was inseparable from his best friend, Anjali (Kajol) during his college days. Then when he met a new girl, Tina, both of them fell in love with each other. Unknown to him, Anjali is also in love with him.


Heartbroken, Anjali decided to switch colleges and cut contact with him. Years later, Rahul is now a single father after Tina passed away after giving birth to their daughter, also named Anjali.


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 

Source: Fuzion Productions


Before Tina passed away, she wrote Anjali letters to tell her about her father’s story with Anjali. Her final request for her daughter: Reuniting her father and his best friend, Anjali. What happens when Anjali meets Anjali? How will Rahul respond? Spoilers: It involves dancing.



Uptown Girl (Underrated downtown animation classics)

5. Only Yesterday 

It is 1982. Taeko Okajima is a single, 27 years old city girl from Tokyo. She decided to spend her holidays at the rural farmhouse of her elder sister’s in-laws. During the trip, Taeko found herself remembering and reflecting on the good and the bad memories of her childhood, particularly when she was 11.


While staying there, she became close with Toshio, a modern organic farmer who gave up his office work to help his family in the countryside. Through their adulting conversations and childhood memories, Taeko unexpectedly found great comfort and closure from her somewhat bittersweet elementary school life.


Only yesterday movie

Source: Nefarious Reviews


This Studio Ghibli classic is a refreshing and therapeutic take on the transition from childhood to adulthood. I like how the whole movie is slow-paced with less action as it blends with well-thought dialogues and beautiful cinematography.


6. The Aristocats

This 1970 Disney classic follows the story of Duchess (a mother cat) and her three kittens (Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse). They lived with their elegant and cultured owner, Madame Adelaide, and her butler, Edgar in Paris.


When Edgar overheard that he can only receive Adelaide’s fortune after her cats passed away. He proceeded to put the cats into sedation and abandoned them in the countryside. The Duchess and her kittens were initially fearful of their new environment, but they were helped by a kind and cheeky alley cat named O-Malley who later led them back to Paris.


the aristocats

Source: Walt Disney Archives


This is a very witty animation that pet owners can relate to. It explores the relationship between pet owners and pets, friendship, and status (the contrast in lifestyle between cats in the alley and well-groomed cats in Paris) humorously and creatively. True to Disney’s fashion, be prepared to be swayed by catchy songs about cats.



When We Were Young (Hallyu wave tear-jerker classics)

7. Winter Sonata 

Does anyone remember the days of watching K-dramas from TV3 with Malay subtitles? This is the drama that got me (and perhaps many fellow Malaysians) hooked to the K-drama world. Winter Sonata follows the story of Joon Sang and Ji Woo, who were high school sweethearts as they navigate memory loss, love triangles, birth secrets, and tragic farewells.


Winter Sonata drama

Source: Heart and Seoul


You might want to keep a Kleenex or towel nearby when watching. The drama captures the essence of the winter season (breath-taking views). The main leads’ snowman kiss scene remains one of K-drama’s most iconic scenes ever! Also, you cannot separate K-dramas from their AMAZING original soundtracks. I still get goosebumps whenever I listen to My Memory by Ryu.


Fun Fact: Winter Sonata is the reason why Nami Island became a global tourist attraction.

8. The Classic

This movie has the word CLASSIC written all over it(literally). Helmed by the same director as The Sassy Girl, The Classic follows the parallel love stories of a mother (Ji-Hye) and daughter (Joo-Hee), where both of them are played by Son Ye Jin (who recently acted in Crash Landing on You).


While cleaning up her house one day, Joo Hee stumbled upon her mother’s old diary and love letters during her secondary school days. Excited to learn about how her parents met, the reading experience took her by surprise. The love letters she realised were actually written by her father’s friend named Joon-Ha to her mother.


The classic korean

Source: The Moviebeat


At present, Joo-Hee is seen to have a crush on her university friend, Sang Min, and is reluctant to take the next step. Unknown to them, the two of them may have something more in common other than their interest in theatre. Watch the movie to find out what happened to Ji-Hye and Joo-Hee.



I am so glad to share with you some of the classic shows and movies that I have personally enjoyed. I hope you will feel the same way too.


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