6 Unique Websites & Apps You Can Use To Stay Connected With Friends

Staying in touch with friends who are scattered and far has been difficult even before the pandemic. However, the separation is now so accentuated that a Harvard study suggests that it is triggering a rise in feelings of social isolation (a.k.a loneliness).


friends video chatting with other friends


The report also points to a downward spiral effect into depression, anxiety, and more. In that case, it is extremely important we find ways to connect with our friends. Luckily we have the Internet! While we all can Zoom, here are six other unique websites and apps you can check out instead:



1. is what it would look like when you combine Zoom and a video game with 8-bit graphics together. Besides the face-to-face video chat, you and others are presented as cutesy pixelated two-dimensional characters who interact in a virtual room. You can choose to spend time in a ready-made space that looks like a castle or customise it to resemble your home or office. 


Gather town app for connecting with friends

Source: FITMAG

Doesn’t this remind you of playing Pokémon on your old Gameboy?


What’s interesting about it is that you can only see another person’s video-chat feed and hear their voice when your avatar moves close to theirs. Meaning to say, there is no need for a breakout room. All you have to do is walk your avatar self with your avatar friends to another set of tables and chairs, sit down and start talking!



2. Kumospace

Kumospace functions similarly to except participants aren’t in avatar form. They are represented by a small bubble for their video calls. You still can create a “room” by customising or using the preset templates. Spatial audio where you only hear and talk to those nearby is also available.


Kumon space a online application for website connections with love ones



Kumospace has an interactive Whiteboard you can use to challenge opponents to guess a secret phrase in Pictionary or Hangman, as seen on Zoom and Google Meet. Meanwhile, its most fun feature is the virtual drinking bar. They literally made it possible for you to consume a drink online. You can “pour” a drink and then move around “holding” it. Just like in real life, your virtual wine glass decreases as you socialize. 



3. Zello

Zello emulates push-to-talk whether it is talking one to one or in a channel with a group of people. You can also send messages and pictures like a normal messaging platform. The best part is, all voice messages come in crystal clear in real-time even if two people are separated geographically. So the app is perfect for times like this! 


zello an aap that helps connect people together by talking online

Source: Lifewire


It also kind of reminds you of how Snapchat works since you can playback the last voice messages. Having a walkie-talkie style of communication is indeed refreshing and may even bring out your inner child with your friends. 


4. Telegram

Pretty sure some of us are using this other popular messaging platform but did you know you can play games with your friends in chat, complete with graphics and sound? For instance, Gamebot offers three cerebral training games: Lumberjack, Math Battle, and Corsairs. Here’s a list of Telegram bots you might want to check out. 


telegram online game homescreen



To start a game, interact with their bot directly, or invoke it from any of your chats. The best part is, the Telegram Gaming Platform saves high scores for every game played in the chat. When someone leads in a game, other members of the chat will be notified so that they are updated with everyone’s progress. That way, the fun, and competition never truly end.



5. Discord

Discord uses a chat server system that can have multiple text and voice channels such as “#general”, “#movie-night” and “#game-night”. You can easily hop in and out as long as the server’s administrator allows it. Moreover, you can use it in the background of whatever other activity you’re doing. This makes playing Among Us, Overcooked 2, and VALORANT with friends seamless.


A discord example of own channel

You can create channels that are each dedicated to a certain activity. 



Just like Telegram, you can add bots to your Discord server. For example, there are bots that play music (Hydra and Soul Music), churn out funny memes upon request (Dank Memer), and let you catch and train Pokémon that would randomly appear (PokeMeow). It is a great way to make things a little more fun when you are hanging with friends on the server.


6. Teleparty

Teleparty lets you watch series and movies with your friends online. It synchronises video playback, so everyone can watch a show at the same time through their individual accounts. There is also a group chat on the side where you and your friends can discuss what’s happening. 


Binge Netflix together but separately

Who says you can’t binge-watch shows with your friends online?

Source: The Verge


Teleparty is a browser extension (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera). It is free but only works on desktop or laptop computers. Though looking at the bright side, you are able to connect with various streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and more.



Although these few unique websites and apps are mainly recommended with the Covid-19 pandemic in mind, you can still use them for other circumstances. It could be that your friends have gone to study abroad or moved to another state for work. Regardless of the situation, such websites and apps will definitely continue to serve their purpose in maintaining and strengthening friendships.


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