6 Unique Beauty Businesses by Malaysians

Malaysia is a hotpot of diverse cultures, which means that a lot of different businesses can coexist right next to each other. Our country’s demographic allows for different and unique businesses to pop up. Thus, some local entrepreneurs have decided to churn their creative ideas into a legitimate brick-and-mortar business.
These entrepreneurs have each been a game-changer. Not only have they found their cosy niche to settle in, but have also dominated that newfound space. All of these beauty businesses are unique in their own ways, and who knows you might resonate with them!

1. COCOdry

Tired of hair salons only having two blow-out options? The standard straight sleek or the big wavy curls boring you? Well, this Malaysian duo Kim and Shan opened the first local hair salon offering only unique blowouts and styling! That’s right, COCOdry is not about haircuts or dye, just straight up styling.
Source: COCOdry
Inspired by an overseas salon from a ‘Girlboss’ podcast, Kim and Shan saw that the hair beauty business in Malaysia was so bounded by race. Then they thought, why not a salon that can cater to any type of hair regardless of race? Textured hair or not, COCOdry has successfully gained a diverse customer base!
They are not the average brick-and-mortar charging RM400; their blowouts are all below RM60! The best part? They only use organic ingredients and are animal-cruelty free. Say you’re a busy person, ‘The Hustler’ is only a quick 45-minute experience. You can finish off the session with their custom styles like Beach Please, Crazy Rich Asian or the trendy Korean Waves.
Unlike other places, hair length surcharges are only RM10, while hair treatments are just below RM280. It’s nice to know there’s a salon that has your best interests at heart and is not cutthroat.

2. Breena Beauty

Any lady bosses out there in need of new lipstick? Or yikes, dropped their makeup palette? If you’re keen on stocking up your vanity table with homegrown products, it’s a good time to give Breena Beauty some of your attention!
Beauty enthusiast Sabrina Tajudin and her husband Mohd Tawfiq started this company in 2015. Since then, they have cultivated a cult following for their makeup essentials. Sabrina loved the quality of Sigma brushes but seeing the exchange rate, was upset that there weren’t any quality brush lines at a cheaper price. So she created one!
Her products were tweaked to be more affordable for Malaysians, but with the same quality of popular bands. Her brush line is made from synthetic fibres, to avoid contributing to animal exploitation. Their signature Blending Pearl sponge? Latex-free! Mind you, the actual Beauty Blender company sells theirs for RM99 at Sephora, so I’m giving all my thanks to Sabrina for saving my bank account. Next time you hit the drugstore, just search for Breena Beauty because they are both in-store and online; Watsons, Shopee, Zalora, you name it!
May it be a smooth eyeliner pencil or matte lipsticks with shades to die for, start filling your cart at their website or take a look first on Instagram.

3. Bubble Gum X

Let’s face it, we love our Asian genes! Although some of us are totally fine with our body hair, others are ready to toss out those disposable razors. To ease your shaving woes, Bubble Gum X is ready to help you out!
Source: Yahoo
Of course, you can just buy the at-home wax kit from any drugstore, but how many disasters are you ready to face? Like when the wax is not warm enough, or the slight skin burns from leaving it on too long. At Bubble Gum X, they are professionally trained to accommodate your waxing needs!
Whether it’s a Brazilian wax, an underarm strip or a full body wax service, Bubble Gum X covers any area at an affordable price. For first-timers, you can see prices from as low as RM9! That’s just for their soft and hard wax service though. If you’d rather skip having to always wax, the Laser X treatment saves you money in the long-run, and you can say bye-bye to any razor ever again! Bubble Gum X also offers eyelash extensions. If you have the extra time and money, why not leave their store all dolled up with some faux eyelash extensions too?

4. Nails On Wheels

More Malaysians have sought out door-to-door beauty services over the years. Thus, we see more businesses offering home services like bridal Mehndi, eyelash extensions and more. For the mani-pedi industry though, Nails On Wheels has been taking the lead since its 2013 inception!
If you want a pampering session within the comforts of your home, just call them up and they will drive to you! Nails On Wheels provides all the essential mani-pedi treatments, plus body massages and wax services. If you worry about the little things like quality of service or cleanliness, you should know they have won multiple awards and are serious about their work. They have experience handling bigger events like birthday parties, bridal shower events and more. However, don’t shy away from as they also cater to smaller groups!

5. Coco Onya

If you hadn’t noticed already, Asian beauty standards consistently leave out the curly-haired group. If you are someone with gorgeous locks but struggle to keep it going frizzy in our tropical heat, let me introduce to you, Coco Onya – Malaysia’s first-ever hair cream for big, curly hair!
Source: Coco Onya
Coco Onya really has only one product, the Twirl Me Cream! Sure, you can say it has cute packaging. However, it has gained popularity for it is one of the only local products specially formulated for thick, wispy curls. Mind you, it’s not just finding a home on people’s vanity mirrors; hairstylists and models are also utilizing it for their day jobs! Folks are raving about it for it is the one curl cream with properties that are heat-friendly, to prevent your curls turning into a bushy mess.

6. BeauTyra

Dying for some colour in your cheeks? Whether you want that pink tinge or an orange glow, blushers are there to bring some life to your look! Malaysian brand BeauTyra is there to help complete that goal.
Source: BeauTyra
Started by Tyra Kamaruzzaman, BeauTyra is known for their 4-minute blushers because it instantly elevates your cheekbones (and sells out in under 4 minutes!). Having beauty with a purpose in mind, Tyra really wanted to create a blush line that was glam enough to fit any skin colour or undertone. Thus, Born to Blush – one of their bestsellers was born.
Despite all the controversy the brand faced in 2019, they have ventured into selling other products like matte lipsticks. Their products have been known to be a triple threat, serving high-quality products with good pigmentation at an affordable price. Due to its popularity, restocks are harder to get by and you can only get it from their e-store.
The rise of so many unique businesses just shows that Malaysians are a creative bunch. Now that you know some of our local innovative brains, do consider supporting local when you’re looking to restock your beauty items. Also, this might sound like a stretch, but who knows maybe you will be filled with enough sanguine feelings to begin your own start-up as well!

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