Vegan Smoothie Bowl

6 Unbeleafable Vegan-Friendly Potluck Recipes For Your Next Gathering

More and more of my friends have adopted a vegan diet as of late. But, what’s a vegan diet? A vegan diet consists only of food and beverages that don’t contain any meat, seafood, or animal products. Instead, they use plant-based ingredients as an alternative. 

While restaurants and cafes are gradually incorporating vegan-friendly dishes into their menu, we can also do the same by introducing vegan dishes next time at a gathering. Trust me: they’re just as delicious, have plenty of health benefits, and are cleaner to prepare! 

Some dedicated chefs in the vegan community of Malaysia have led the way by showing others how to make vegan light bites that are plant-based and tasty. Check out their mouthwatering recipes below! Beware though, reading this post may induce hunger. 


1. Vegan Tofu Rendang

Vegan Tofu Rendang

Image source: @elinagives (Instagram)


Attending a Malaysian-themed lunch or dinner? ElinaGives’ Eid recipe for vegan rendang is one you can make if you enjoy Malay food. Rendang is a spicy, fragrant creamy paste made with some key vegetal ingredients including garlic, shallots and ginger. It is traditionally cooked over chicken or beef, but Elina’s plant-based alternative uses just tofu, which is derived from soy. Learn how to take a twist on traditional rendang from Elina’s video here. For other options, there is a collection of vegan Malay food recipes in her vegan cookbook. 



2. Smoothie Bowl with Spirulina by ElinaGives

Vegan Smoothie Bowl

Image source: @elinagives (Instagram)


Inspired by Bali’s colourful, refreshing smoothie bowls, this is a recipe that’s loaded with tropical fruits. All you need is for this smoothie bowl by ElinaGives is some frozen fruits, a blender, some plant-based milk, spirulina powder and hemp hearts. It’s also a great replacement for ice cream, which usually contains dairy milk, a direct animal product. 

If bringing to a gathering, serve in a big tub and then garnish with blueberries, dragon fruit and seeds when everyone is ready to dig in for desserts. This is a great time to improvise with your favourite fruits, nuts and seeds! 


3. 5-Colour Spring Rolls by Davina Da Vegan


Spring Rolls

Image source:


Spring rolls are a popular choice at potluck parties, and they’re already vegan, to begin with! Some versions of the spring roll have thinly sliced prawns or minced meat in them, but they taste just as good with just vegetables. 

This recipe by Davina is easy to follow. The spring rolls are brightly coloured with these five vegetables: carrots, radishes, black fungus, spring onions and chilli. Simply julienne them, season with sauces, and roll them up! Then, deep fry until golden brown. Spring rolls are crunchy and quite addictive, so make sure to prepare extra portions! 


4. Mango Kerabu by Davina Da Vegan

Mango Kerabu

Image Source:


Mango kerabu is a Malaysian salad that’s akin to the Thai somtam or papaya salad. Although its main ingredients are fruits and vegetables, there is a small number of anchovies, dried prawns, and a dash of fish sauce as dressing. 

How can you make this dish vegan-friendly? Fret not, Davina’s recipe teaches you to swap out the fish sauce for tamarind sauce or, better yet, your own vegan fish sauce. This refreshing salad will be a party for your tastebuds! 


5. Vegan Egg Omelettes by Food I Telan


Vegan Egg Omelettes

Image source: @fooditelan (Instagram)


Believe it or not: No eggs were used in the making of this dish. 


Kasthuri, or better known as Food I Telan (telan is Malay for swallow), created this vegan omelette from 100% plant-based ingredients. Instead of using real eggs, she’s whipped up some all-purpose flour, turmeric, water and salt. The omelette is accompanied by cold noodles, sesame oil, carrots, and red cabbage. However, you can get creative and use any other fillings you’d like! I would use mushrooms, onions, and basil leaves. Yummmm… 

You can check out her recipe and methods here


6. No-bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies by Food I Telan

No-bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Image source: @fooditelan (Instagram)


Another amazing vegan dish to show off to your friends is this no-bake dessert. It’s the ideal dish to quickly prepare in under an hour, even if you don’t have an oven at home. To make a batch of these chocolate peanut butter cookies, you have to mix some cocoa powder, peanut butter, sugar, rolled oats, and vanilla extract. 

Instead of using regular milk, Kasthuri uses plant-based milk in her recipe. Many supermarkets in Malaysia have begun to accommodate a wider market with different dietary needs, so you can easily find them in any supermarket near you. Oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and even soya milk will work! This is also suitable for any lactose-intolerant friends.   



So what say you? Are you ready to surprise your friends at your next gathering? Pick your favourite vegan recipe from above, and share that meat-free yumminess with your friends and family. We promise you: they’ll be gone within seconds! Plus, you’ll be raising awareness for veganism among your crowd.

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