6 Places To Shop For Affordable Cloth Masks


In June 2020, the World Health Organization has released a statement on the usage of masks for the general public. Non-medical masks such as cloth masks are capable of acting as a barrier to limit the widespread of potentially infectious droplets from someone who is infected. A cloth mask that is suitable to be used by the general public should consist of an inner layer made of an absorbent material, a middle layer of non-woven material and an outer layer of non-absorbent material. I’ve put together a list of where you can get your fabric masks from.


1. Changgih Designs


Changgih Designs was founded by two moms who enjoyed their craft time and wanted to provide a platform for other moms who wish to support their family without leaving their homes. All of their products, including their face masks, are inspired by the culture of Borneo and Sabah in particular. Their 3-ply masks come in both adult and kid sizes which are equipped with a soft nose clip to help the mask fit on the wearer’s face. To support your local momtrepreneurs, you can head to their website below to make a purchase.


Price Range: RM13 – RM18.

You can check out their products on their website.


2. Jemari Lentik

Source: Jemari Lentik on Instagram

Jemari Lentik is well-known for their handmade goods. They were established in 2013, and since then have been featured on Majalah Mingguan Wanita, Harian Metro, Alhijrah, and even TV3. Their reusable cloth masks collection is called Sekop Muka. It comes with a filter pocket and customers can opt for elastic loops, ties, or lanyard style. To place your order for either kid- or adult-sized masks, you can send a Direct Message to their Instagram account or Whatsapp them at the contact number provided in their Instagram bio.


Price Range: RM15 – RM22

Check out their Instagram account here!


3. The Wola

Source: The Wola

The Wola is a fairly new shop selling accessories in Malaysia. Established in 2019, they focus on bringing in the latest branded watches, jewellery, handbags, and now antibacterial nano face masks for Malaysians. The Antibacterial Nano Face Mask from the brand MYSAFEX offered by The Wola comes in 3 sizes: S for kids, M for women, and L for men. MYSAFEX masks remain antibacterial after 40 washes and they protect the user from bacteria, dust, and UV rays. Their face masks come in individual, couple, and family packs.


Price Range: RM19.99 – RM59.99

You can check out their products here on their website!


4. Zalora

Source: Zalora

Due to the Movement Control Order, Zalora has recently launched ZMART to cater to people’s needs for purchasing essential supplies online. ZMART offers another channel for Malaysians to get their baby supplies, household, health, hygiene, food, electronics, and even pet essentials. Here, you can purchase cloth masks from brands like Poly-Pac, Carro, Mondernform International, and Zalora themselves too.


Price Range: RM9 – RM16 (locally made and designed by people such as Tom Abang Saufi).

Visit Zalora’s website now to get a stylish mask to complete your essential errands look!


5. Silk & Sugar

Source: Silk & Sugar

Silk & Sugar was founded to provide fashionable masks for you to embrace the new norm. They are offering trendy, premium 3-layer reusable face masks made from cotton, silk and tweed. All of their masks come with a filter pocket, but they vary in size according to the material. The measurements of their masks are 12.5cm x 24cm, 13cm x 22cm, and the largest is 14cm x 26cm.


Price Range (depending on design): RM9 to RM29.

Interested? Visit their Shopee store here!


6. Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

Source: Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS) was established in 2011 by Dr Chan Eng Heng and Dr Chen Pelf Nyok to handle the conservation of tortoises and freshwater turtles in Malaysia. TCS has come up with 4 collections of turtle-inspired batik masks with built-in filter pockets.


Price Range: RM15 – RM18 (option to upgrade to tie-on strings +RM2)

Check out their website to make your purchase and do your part to conserve the freshwater turtles in our country.


Opting for cloth masks means good news for our Mother Earth. Most single-use face masks are made from non-biodegradable materials which don’t break down easily and can end up hurting the environment. On top of that, wearing a cloth mask will cost less in the long run, allow you to contribute to the survival of local businesses during this pandemic, and reserve the medical-grade mask supply for healthcare professionals who truly need them.


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