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6 Google Chrome Extensions to Make Your Life Easier

During this modern age where flicking through thousands of pages to obtain information sounds ghastly and time-consuming, a vast majority of us rely solely on browsers and search engines to find news and scholarly data almost instantly. Google Chrome is well-renowned for its reputation as a search engine across the globe, thus making it the most popular choice of web browser, used by 62.92% of people internationally. However, a feature of Google Chrome that several desktop users are still unaware of is the ability to add apps and extensions to your browser. These extensions range from productivity apps, social media apps, and computer memory reduction tools. Here, I will be listing six beneficial extensions that you can potentially add to your browser to ease your online experience!

How do I install extensions?

An essential step is to know how to install these extensions onto your browser in the first place. It’s quite simple: all you have to do is search for ‘Google Chrome Store’ in your browser, and you’ll find a link that directs you to a library full of extensions! From there, you can search for extensions that you would like, and click ‘Add to Chrome’ to install it onto your browser. Please note that these are only available on desktop versions of Chrome.


1. Taskade


If you’re someone who has an abundance of to-dos on their list and needs to access it easily, Taskade could be your lifesaver! Taskade is an app that helps you to jot down your ideas and plans. You can create checklists using neat templates such as tables, mind maps, or even a blank page. Additionally, you can work collaboratively on your ‘project board’ with colleagues or friends and converse through the available chat room on the right-hand side of the screen. All you have to do is sign up using your email, and you’re ready to go! What makes Taskade so convenient is the fact that you can choose to display your checklist (or notes) every time you open a new tab, so it is easily accessible. You can even customise Taskade’s interface by changing between Light and Dark Mode, as well as selecting a background photo from Taskade’s album of sceneries.


2. OneTab


Source: ClarityQuest


It’s no surprise that opening thousands of tabs on your browser takes up a lot of memory on your desktop (specifically, the RAM). Not only that, but having multiple tabs open also looks very messy and disorganised! Unfortunately, certain careers and projects, especially those that involve a lot of researching make this inevitable. A solution to this problem could be the OneTab Chrome extension. With the click of a button, OneTab efficiently stores links to all the tabs you opened in a single tab, wherein its list-like form is much more manageable and legible. This allows these tabs to be readily available to you when you need them, without being displayed as a tab in your browser, thus reducing memory use by 95%.


3. Grammarly


Grammarly is a well-known writing tool for students, adults, and even the most profound of authors. Users do not necessarily need to purchase a Grammarly Premium account to enjoy the benefits of Grammarly’s Chrome extension, but they could if they wanted to. Grammarly’s Chrome extension highlights misspelt words, missing punctuation, and grammatical errors in text fields online, whether it be a Google Docs document or an email. Grammarly also equips you with word suggestions as you type. Furthermore, a double click on a word that you have written provides synonyms to that word so that you can jazz up your writing to make it sound a lot more professional. If you’re just online browsing instead of writing, double click on a word and Grammarly displays a small box with information that tells you exactly what the definition of the word is!


4. Multi Messenger

 multi messenger

With Multi Messenger, you don’t need to worry about switching between your phone and laptop to chat on the web versions of messenger apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram. Multi Messenger cleverly opens a window where you are able to switch between different applications and social media sites such as Instagram in a single window. Some of the apps even alert you of new messages through notification sounds. A disclaimer for this extension though: certain apps such as Twitter and Skype open a separate window as the extension does not support in-window browsing (yet). Nonetheless, this Chrome extension is a must-have for those who would love to stay connected with their acquaintances while at work without having to check their phone all the time.


5. Save to Pocket

 save to pocket

Source: Microsoft


This Chrome extension is handy for saving links to articles, images, and videos from Youtube all in one place for you to read and enjoy later. This list also syncs across all your devices so that you can immerse yourself in content that you love even on your mobile device. Furthermore, Save to Pocket even suggests similar content for you to discover and take in. This extension is definitely recommended for those who do a lot of research on certain topics, or those who simply want a tidy space to keep their reading material.


6. Netflix Party

 netflix party
Situations like the ‘Restricted Movement Order’ make room for a lot of binge-watching on Netflix, but unfortunately, it is not always possible to meet up with your friends to watch your favourite series together. The Netflix Party Chrome Extension allows you to log in to your Netflix account and stream Netflix shows together with your friends by sharing a link. The provided chat room also provides you and your friends a place to squeal over the plot twists and the handsome protagonist together. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can guarantee yourself a great time watching movies with your friends!
Now you’re equipped with all the tools you need to make your browsing experience a breeze!

Personally, I find that the aforementioned Google Chrome apps have served to be very convenient and advantageous to have on my browser, whether it be for researching information for a report I have to write, penning my checklist for the tasks I need to do, or watching ‘The Last Summer’ on Netflix, I’m very appreciative of the functionality that these Google Chrome apps contribute to my browsing. That being said, you should try out these extensions for yourself so that you can boost your productivity online!

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