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5 YouTube Playlists for Your Next Workout Session

Dragging myself early in the morning or late in the evening after a long day to pump out some sweats, truth be told, has been tremendously tough. I wish I could magically inspire myself and get on with it. Where is the genie in a lamp when you need one?


Sadly, we may not have a genie with three wishes but we have something better. So, fret not, we have music! There are various kinds of music. You name it, we have upbeat, rock, EDM, pop, and RnB.


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How does music help, you may ask? Well, with the right music, I assure you that your workout will be fiery. According to a study led by sports psychologist C.I. in 2010, music has the power to encourage you to work out longer and improve your performance. The trick is, you have to find a playlist with a high and upbeat tempo depending on the type of workout you’re doing.


Thus, what are you waiting for, let’s dive in with these few YouTube playlists!

1. Songs That Make You Feel Badass

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If you’re feeling badass while lifting weight, here is the perfect playlist for you. It includes songs such as Bryce Fox’s “Horns”, Chuxx Morris’ “Dead Man Walking”, Royal Deluxe’s “Bad” and more. As the heart ignites with flame, be sure don’t overwork yourself.



2. Running Mix 2020 | 135 – 160 BPM | Best Running Music

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A little boost of EDM collection by Spinning Records includes electrifying songs by TJR’s “Shake That”, Timmy Trumpet & 22Bullets’ Everybody in The Party (feat. Ghost), and more. This will definitely make you run with the wind. You may not be as fast as the flash, but it will keep you going. So, start RUNNING!

3. Best Gym Workout Music Mix – This is NEFFEX

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If you are a Neffex’s fan, I’ve wonderful news for you. This is an hour and 21 minutes of Neffex piece that will spark your motivation. It is obviously a Win-Win situation. So, plug in your speaker and get your workout done. Be sure to place your water bottle beside you.



4. Cycling Motivation 2021 | 1 Hour | Mix V2

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Eager to listen to some electronic and remix tracks, here is the playlist featuring them. Nothing could compare with the upbeat tracks in keeping you pedal. This playlist is made especially for cyclists out there. Thus, put on your earphone and let the tracks take you until you’re done cycling.


5. Wanderlust – An Indie/Folk/Pop Playlist | Vol. I

Woman doing yoga pose


Warming up and cooling down are crucial before working out. Therefore, why not fuse these routines with this playlist featuring an hour and a half long slow and relaxing songs. Moreover, with your favourite mat on the floor, you could also do yoga with it. Hopefully, this playlist will help you to ease your mind and find your inner peace.



Sometimes we might feel a large unmotivated bolder on our back and that’s okay. Just remember to adjust your workout according to your schedule and click the above playlists link to find your music. Surely, with music, you will enjoy your workout even more rather than feeling forceful. Finally, while cranking up your jam, be careful not to hurt your eardrum or make others feel uncomfortable. Anyway, don’t forget to have fun and stay safe too.


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