5 Things You Need To Know When Selling Pre-Loved Items Online

I started my own Carousell shop back in 2016 before I went off to further my studies in Shah Alam. I was unemployed, needed some extra money to spend, and I owned a lot of stuff that I no longer used or wore. If you’re thinking of getting rid of some pre-loved items online, here is a comprehensive guide from an avid Carouseller on things you need to know before you do so!


1. You need to set clear terms and conditions

There are 2 important things you should definitely put up on your platform, which are the postage days and shipping charges. Back when I was a student, my buyers expected their purchase to be shipped instantly the next day, but that is no longer the case now that I am a working woman. Displaying the postage days and shipping fees helps to avoid redundant questions from potential buyers. Buyers will know what day to expect their parcels to be shipped out and it helps them in making their final purchase decision.

2. It is important to set an accurate Listing Title

When you use marketplace platforms such as Carousell, Etsy, Likely, and Lelong, they are equipped with a search function that you can utilize to ensure your items will be listed on the search result page. Make sure to include the type of item and brand or colour in the title. As an example, listing your item as “Shoopen Black Flats” will bring buyers who are looking specifically for Shoopen-brand black flats to your page. However, listing your item as “Shoopen Flats” will attract more potential buyers who are less specific in their search. But bear in mind that there are a lot more competitors and customers spend more time browsing the search result page!


3. Make sure to upload clear photos of your items

This is quite basic and requires some effort, but is also very important. If possible, upload as many photos as you can, and make sure to be honest about the item’s defects, logo and size. Providing potential buyers with such details helps to give them a better sense of the condition of the item, thus making it a more efficient transaction. Buyers can instantly make up their mind instead of constantly messaging you to ask for more photos of the item.


4. You should price your items reasonably

Spend a bit of time to conduct research on the market price for similar items before listing them for sale. If you are planning to sell your items a little higher than the average market price, do take into account if your item has any defects and if there is fierce competition in the market for a similar item. Also, put yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes and give it a thought if you, as a buyer, would spend that much on a pre-loved item!

5. Beware of scammers

When a buyer makes an offer and requests for payment information, it is okay to propose a reservation notice of 24 or 48 hours. If the buyer is serious about his/her purchase, they will come back to you instantly with their proof of payment. Next, please make sure that the payment made has been wired to you before you ship the item to the customer. Regardless of how thrilled and urgent the buyer is, do make sure that you have received the payment first.

Listed above are 5 general things that you should be aware of when selling your used items online. Personally, I prefer to utilize all the available marketplace platforms rather than using social media accounts like Instagram. Surely, you can utilize hashtags to attract more buyers on social media, but there is also a bigger risk of attracting scammers. I hope this article helps you with setting up your own online pre-loved shop!

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