5 Simple Tips On How To Start Reading More Books

Books are not boring. Say it with me, BOOKS ARE NOT BORINGThey are, however, sometimes daunting—especially when you don’t know how to tackle those 400 unflipped pages and the 20 other books on your shelf that you bought on sale in hopes they would kick start your bookworm journey. Well, as a resident book hoarder that didn’t read any of those books (but then started to), I have a few tips that may actually help you start reading them and hopefully get sucked into the magnificent black hole of books.


1. Turn back the clock and start small with Children or YA (Young Adult) Novels

Remember when you used to dread reading Enid Blyton in kindergarten? Peter and Jane, who? But now you are finally ready to conquer a book and this is the perfect way to start. After all, you have to learn how to crawl before you can become a walking bookworm. Children’s books are surprisingly not only just for children. They are beautifully written, have fewer pages, and are most times insightful enough to trigger an existential crisis!


To mention a few of the most charming writers in this category:


Simple, easily digestible, and has that fun language and innocence that just isn’t the same with “grown-up” books. Nonetheless, you’d be surprised how darkly comical and mature these books can be.


2. Embrace modern books before touching the classics!

Classics might intimidate beginners with their old-style writing and fanciful words that may leave you stuck in another book—the dictionary. Don’t get me wrong, classics are definite must-reads for anybody, but before jumping into rightfully-amazing literary works like The Catcher In The Rye and The Great Gatsby, try something a little more modern. Books that have been adapted into movies are always a good place to start. I promise that watching the movie beforehand doesn’t take away any of the joy of reading the actual book it was based on. In fact, it may be even more enjoyable to immerse yourself in a world and characters that you already love!


Some recommendations would be:


Besides similarly having movie counterparts, these books are the perfect “next-step” books. Most of them start dealing with different, more mature themes and concepts while being more linguistically distinct, yet extremely palpable.


3. You don’t have to break the bank

Books are expensive. Who knew reading would be such a bank-breaking hobby? Now, this statement may be contradictory, but stop buying books and start reading first! How do you read without buying a book, you say? Borrow them from friends or family or pay a visit to your nearest library! Books are meant to be shared. Plus, you get the extra benefit of getting book recommendations while you’re at it. The library is an absolute goldmine; the options are endless and it’s a great opportunity to explore different genres of books. Bonus points for that old-book scent and gloriously vintage yellowed pages too! It’s hard to spend money on new books when you don’t even know which books you like yet, so this way, you get to be adventurous, find out what genres you like, and be cost-effective in your upcoming reading endeavours!

4. Start a reading schedule

I think we’ve all been guilty of saying “I’m way too busy to read” as we scroll through social media and binge-watch videos on Youtube and Netflix. Reading—as school principal-ly as this may sound—requires some amount of discipline. It’s a hobby that requires attention, focus, and time to digest. I can assure you that I’m making it sound more dramatic than it should be, but it’s the truth! Allocating time to read may sound like a chore at first, but sooner or later, that attention, focus, and time will come with practice. It will become something that you would have no problem giving once you find yourself face-deep within the pages of your book. I would recommend leaving an hour or two before you sleep to just wind down, get cozy, and settle in with a good book—it’s easy on the eyes, relaxing, and you’ll have amazing dreams when you sleep! If an hour is too long a time for you, consider starting with daily 15-minute reading goals and gradually increasing them the longer you keep at it.


5. Take your time and be patient

The first few chapters of books are usually a little slow-paced, but you’ll have to push through it and relish in this process of discovering a new world, it’s characters, and their conflicts. It’ll gradually pick up the pace soon enough and you might even have trouble putting the book down! Sometimes, you might meet the inevitable Ms Draggy-Middle-Section and be tempted to put the book down, letting it accumulate dust over the next few years, but stay strong. As stagnant you may feel while reading it, it’s going to all fall into place towards the end, and it’s completely worth it. Finishing a book is single-handedly one of the best simple pleasures that you can ever experience, a simultaneously filled heart and a gaping hole left where you spent hours, days, weeks or even months immersing yourself in this one book. It gets positively addictive and almost immediately after, you’re going to look for another book to read for sure.

Remember that each reader is different, you may take two days to finish a book while others may take months. You’ll find out what works best for you soon enough! Explore and be open to the many literary works available. Even if it’s just one book, there is always something for everybody. You may think you’re a chick-lit type of gal but who knows, you might get stuck in the intricately-webbed mysteries by Agatha Christie. Lastly, don’t give up! There’s this subtle satisfaction of seeing your bookmark being pushed back further and further through the pages of the book. As someone who’s only just getting started with her reading journey, I can safely say that it takes an immense amount of time and persistence to get into the right momentum, but the bliss of reading is one that’s unparalleled. I just hope you’ll get to experience that too. Happy reading everybody!

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