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5 Fiction Podcasts To Listen To Instead of Bingeing On Netflix

It’s true what they say. You discover the best things when you let yourself get bored. At least, that’s what happened to me. I was embracing my boredom when I first discovered the world of fiction podcasts. As a lover of motivational podcasts, discovering fiction podcasts was a blessing! I didn’t even know it existed.


For those of you who have not heard of it before, fiction podcasts are a form of audio drama. They consist of voice acting and soundtracks which help in livening up the experience.


two girls using the same earphones to listen


If audiobooks are not your thing, you should give fiction podcasts a try. Think of it as a movie but rather than watching it, you listen to it. Hence, like movies, it spans across genres and formats to suit everyone’s likings. So, after days of scouring, I have chosen the top five fiction podcasts to listen to instead of bingeing on Netflix that I have enjoyed and hope you will too!



1. The Truth

    • What you can expect: Intense life stories
    • Time investment: 20 – 30 mins


The truth podcast storytelling

Source: The Truth’s Facebook page


First on the list is The Truth. The Truth entwines everyday life situations that are mundane but leave you pondering. Each episode is a new story so if you don’t feel like committing, no problem! Scroll away and pick any story that entices you that day. I love that they are standalone stories. I can leave them alone for a couple of days and pick them up again whenever I feel like it. The voice acting and remarkable soundtracks will make you feel as if you are a part of the story. If that does not draw you in, I don’t know what will.



2. Everything Is Alive

    • What you can expect: Thought-provoking stories
    • Time investment: 10 – 30 mins


everything is alive podcast

Source: Ian Chillag’s Twitter


Remember that one topic we would always have in our primary school exams? You know, the one where we had to pretend for a second that we are a pencil. Yes, that one! Everything is Alive has a similar format as the Aku Sebatang Pensel essay we used to write. This story is an unscripted interview between a human and an inanimate object that comes alive. It’s interesting to see how each item has a rich personality with its views on life. You might walk away with a changed perspective on the everyday objects you see in life.



3. RomComPods

    • What you can expect: Romantic comedy
    • Time investment: 20 – 40 mins


RCP podcast talking and discussing different situations

Source: RCP’s Twitter


This is for all the hopeless romantics out there. For everyone who loves romantic comedies/chick flicks, this podcast is for you. Written and directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman, RomComPods is the go-to podcast if you need a bit of Nora Ephron in the middle of the week. To be honest, who doesn’t? You no longer have to wait until Friday night to enjoy these heartfelt romantic stories. RomComPods is now on season three and each season bears a different story. So, if you want something new to binge on, this podcast is a great pick!



4. Hello From The Magic Tavern

    • What you can expect: Sci-fi, comedy story
    • Time investment: 20 – 60 mins


hello from the magic tavern magical listening story

Source: Hello from the Magic Tavern’s website


If you love fantasy and comedy, this podcast is for you! This podcast follows Arnie Niekamp’s journey when he fell through a dimensional portal. In the land of Foon, he met a lot of wizards, creatures, and monsters. Each episode features a new fantasy creature guesting in Arine’s podcast. Even if you don’t like sci-fi, I’m sure you will be entertained by the witty banters engraved in the script. What is more impressive is the fact that Hello From The Magic Tavern is almost improvised! This podcast started in 2015 and is now in its third season. You can start from whichever episode but I highly recommend starting from the beginning.



5. The Bright Sessions 

    • What you can expect: Sci-fi, mental health
    • Time investment: 10 – 30 mins


the bright session

Source: The Bright Sessions’ Facebook page



Last but not least is The Bright Sessions. The Bright Sessions is about Dr. Bright who gives therapy sessions to a group of patients. However, they are not ordinary patients. Dr. Bright specialises in patients who have supernatural abilities. Some of the abilities mentioned are time traveling, mind-reading, and super-strength. Created by Lauren Snippen, it’s interesting to see how the world of science fiction and mental health intertwines. The issues picked in each episode may look simple on the surface but they will leave you an impact.

*Side note: for anyone who has been in therapy, this might trigger some discomfort.



Fiction podcasts are one of the more interesting ways to showcase one’s artwork. It also opens as a reminder that we should not limit ourselves to only one medium. In this world of technology, it’s a pity if we do not make the best of it. Who knows, it can also help spark your creative side when you are in a slump. This proves that podcasts are not only reserved for motivational/informational talks. There is more to it. So, which one of these podcasts will you be listening to first?


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