woman doing downdog pilates workout

5 Beginner-Friendly Youtube Pilates Workout Channels You Can Follow

Is Pilates just a form of yoga? Is Pilates even a workout? These were the questions that I first asked when I heard a friend of mine started doing Pilates. I thought Pilates is just a form of stretching and it won’t even break a sweat. Oh, let me tell you how wrong and ignorant I was.


Pilates seems like a graceful, low-impact workout but it does target your core that will leave you shaking and sore. Usually, the instructor would also involve movement that includes your arms, glutes, lower legs. So, you can expect a full-body workout.


woman doing downdog pilates workout


Pilates is a combination of repetitive exercise which seems easy but used to create muscular exertion. In research by Bird, Pilates often includes the connection between mind and muscles. This is because the mind plays an important role to help people engage the right muscles in the core. Thus, it will lead to a better posture and control over body movement. Through this core strengthening exercise, it will help in easing pain and help those with chronic low-back pain. 


Now, hopefully, I have convinced you enough to give Pilates a try, here are some of my favourite free Youtube Pilates Workouts channels that I am sure you will enjoy following along.


1. Lottie Murphy.

I exceptionally love Lottie’s workout because of her calming and motivating voice that helps to create a relaxing yet challenging workout session.


lottie murphy pilates

Source: Lottie Murphy


I enjoy the whole process and a few of my favourite workouts that I would recommend are her Feel Good Class Series and also her Strength and Stability Series. Plus, most of her workouts are manageable especially for beginners.


Click the link here to get started!



2. Move with Nicole

Move with Nicole is another Youtuber who I would recommend because of the variety of her pilates workout. Her workout varies from 10 minutes to even 40 minutes, and you can also choose according to your level; which is beginners, intermediate, or advanced.


move with nicole workout youtube

Source: Move with Nicole


The video also includes a warm-up and a relaxing cool-down session. Therefore, it is a very complete workout session that you can just follow along. I promise you that Nicole will leave you drenched with sweat and your muscles sore the next day.


Refer to this link to try out her workouts!



3. Eleni Fit

Eleni is another Youtuber I would recommend as her videos are straightforward to follow along. Her workouts are more towards HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) which would increase your heart rate. This is because it involves a short burst of intense exercise and then alternated with a lower intensity one.


Eleni Fit Pilates instructor

Source: Your Daily Sports Fix


As a beginner, sometimes I dread doing Eleni’s workouts but I would always end it feeling accomplished. Check out these workouts with this link.



4. Well + Good

Well + Good is also another favourite of mine due to the variety of the contents created. This channel includes skincare, lifestyle, healthy recipes, and also different types of workouts such as Yoga, Pilates, and also HITT.


well + good

Source: Well + Good


The duration of the workout also varies and you can decide whichever suits you best. The pros of this channel are you can choose whatever workout you feel like doing at the moment and you will never feel out of choice.  To try out these workouts, check out this link.

5. Blogilates

The last Youtube channel that should not be missed out on the list is the OG, Blogilates’ Cassey Ho. I remember she was the first online pilates instructor that I stumbled across a few years ago.


cassey ho

Source: Parvati Magazine


Cassey brings Pilates to the next level through her variety of pilates workout videos which includes dance-like workouts, full-body cardio, strength and flexibility, and more. So, you can always find a workout you like. Head to this link for her videos!



So these are my top five beginner-friendly Youtube pilates workouts that you should check out. As an individual who used to dread working out, after finding out about pilates and also these YouTubers, I found myself enjoying doing workouts at home more. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself enjoying the workouts just like I did!


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