Girl listening to an audiobook while walking

5 Audiobooks You Can Listen To While Working On Other Tasks

Can’t seem to find time to immerse yourself in a physical book? Does work seem endless? Why not try exploring audiobooks? Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular mainly due to two reasons. Firstly, it reminds us of the personalized and intimate experience of being read. This resonated with me because I started developing a passion for reading because I enjoyed listening to my parents’ storytelling sessions before bed. Secondly, it is super convenient to get an audiobook (anytime and anywhere) and you can start listening immediately while doing other tasks without feeling guilty. So, here are 5 audiobooks to listen to while working on various tasks any time of the day.

Girl listening to an audiobook while walking


When you are replying to emails or messages on the computer or phone

1. Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport

Narrated by: Will Damron, Cal Newport (Duration: 6 hours and 59 mins)

Digital Minimalism Cal Newport Audiobook

Source: Audible


Newport introduces a new philosophy: digital minimalism and offers sustainable principles to make the best out of the emergence of new technologies. As a computer scientist, he is not asking us to exclude or abandon new technology altogether but to remind us that we should practice total control over our “digital” lives and practices. The author dissects social media systematically and humorously. 


You’ll be able to listen and comprehend why sometimes we end up more lethargic after some leisure scrolling on social media. It also offers an interesting takeaway on how value and validation driven from online interaction greatly differ from offline interaction and why we are prone to online interaction. Listening to this while performing online activities will make you reflect, realign and restructure some of your digital habits.

You can listen to the audiobook here.


When you are studying or working on a university assignment

2. Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher

Narrated by: Robertson Dean (Duration: 3 hours 55 mins)

Dear Committee Members Julie Schumacher Audiobook

Source: Audible


A best-seller in the form of academic satire, this audiobook introduces the readers to Jason T. Filger, a Professor of Creative Writing and English at Payne University who spent most of his days writing recommendation letters as requested by his students. The physical book is an epistolary novel (written as a series of recommendation letters), so the narration is realistic with a funny twist. While listening to the recommendation letters, you might be reminded of your favourite/ least favourite lecturer and some of your coursemates with colourful characters.


Every letter is written distinctively, and you can imagine the diverse students that approach Filger to write recommendation letters. One of my favourite part in the book was how Filger ended up writing a recommendation letter for a student who he has never taught before (she persuaded him for 11 minutes to write the letter) to his ex-wife, who is one of the committee members of the law department in the same university. Definitely a light and easy listening treat when you are overwhelmed with university matters. You can just stop at the end of a letter and continue reading the next one for your following task.


Get this audiobook here.


When you are in the kitchen and preparing a meal

3. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking by Samin Nosrat

Narrated by: Samin Nosrat (Duration: 5 hours and 57 mins)

Salt Fat Acid Heat Samin Nosrat Audiobook

Source: Audible


This book begins with a lighthearted, encouraging intro. Anyone can cook anything and make it delicious. As implied through the book title, Nosrat believes that by mastering these four elements in your cooking, it would be almost impossible to not make food taste good. She patiently explains the dos’ and don’ts of handling various ingredients in the kitchen and even shares several simple and effective recipes ranging from vegetables to meat.


Nosrat narrates this book in a soothing and engaging tone, you get to follow her story and description of various ingredients very easily. You’ll also be able to listen to her own experience on her humble beginning before becoming one of the most well-known celebrity chefs in America. You will certainly be able to feel her passion for cooking while listening, making your kitchen experience more delightful! 


Start exploring this story here.


When you are exercising or at the gym

4. The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick G McKeown

Narrated by: Alan Smyth (Duration: 9 hours and 1 min)

The Oxygen Advantage Patrick McKeown Audiobook

Source: Audible


Whether you are taking a walk, hitting the treadmill or doing any form of exercise, this audiobook promises you an informative and interesting take on breathing. You’ll be surprised that most of us are missing out on the right way of breathing. Breathing correctly ensures sufficient oxygen consumption to your whole body, which helps to improve muscle strength, enhance sleeping quality and lose weight more effectively.


The narrator’s voice is clear with an affirmative tone, which serves as an encouragement for the listeners while doing their workouts. Furthermore, the book also encompasses several Oxygen Advantage Exercises for activities such as jogging, cycling, running and swimming which teaches you how to hold your breath effectively.


You can start listening here.


When you are in your creative mode or doing your art-related craft

5. Art Matters: Because Your Imagination Can Change The World by Chris Riddel and Neil Gaiman

Narrated by: Neil Gaiman (Duration: 49 mins)

Art Matters Neil Gaiman Audiobook

Source: Audible


A compilation of Gaiman’s thoughts, speeches, poems about what he thinks about art, this is among my audiobook recommendations as lovely treat for everyone who appreciates art. Gaiman is a wonderful narrator and you can tell that he is enthusiastic about the process of creating. He candidly shares that a lot of creators had no idea when they first started their careers in the art industry. What were the rules, what were the possibilities? It is only. In his case, he shares how reading leads to many possibilities, which enabled him to be an accomplished author. He also talked about the realistic part of being a creator.  Failed projects are unavoidable; imposter syndrome might take place during this journey.


Gaiman talks about art in an enlightening manner and diversified manner. From the free expression in art, ways to make good art, the process of creating art and the importance of libraries in our society today, you will feel inspired and encouraged to be more creative at the end of the audiobook. One of my favourite quotes from the book is this: The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before- Neil Gaiman.


Get started on listening here!



There you have it! Whether you are looking for an in-depth read on your health, a funny read on academia, ways to spice up your cooking, practical hacks to improve your digital habits or a light-hearted narration on creativity, you can certainly check out these 5 different audiobook recommendations that are catered for different kinds of work and settings. Get ready to listen up!

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