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10 Spotify Playlists to Accompany Your Late Night Overtime Work Sessions

The dreaded two-lettered phrase “OT” has been the bitter pill to our workday woes oh-too-many times. Work has been piling up, your productivity is below average and boom – next thing you know, your boss pops his/her head around the corner and adds an extra task for you to do. Can we go back to pre-adulting days?

As much as we moan and groan, the mountain of work isn’t going to move no matter how much we avoid looking at it. At times like these, the only thing is to put your head down, grab a good pair of earphones and get down to business.

My line of work requires me to work overtime frequently, and music often gets me through the night (and the workload!). These Spotify playlists help boost my productivity and increase my concentration – after all, what’s the point of an all-nighter if the work doesn’t get done?


1. Lo-Fi Beats

According to various studies, music with lo-fidelity (lo-fi) beats claim to increase focus. The science to the magic here is made possible due to audible imperfections of music, which also functions as a deliberate aesthetic choice. Well, the focus is definitely what we need and you can’t beat science!

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2. Calming Acoustic

Oh bummer, your favourite café to work in is probably closed during the late hours. Fret not, grab a good cup of coffee and let the gentle strums of instrumental acoustic tracks make you feel like you’re working just in your favourite spot!

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3. Workday Soul

Here’s how OT nights could look like: the office is empty, the mood is somber and you’re feeling a little emotionless, to say the least. Put back the life in your night and be kept companied by these uplifting soulful tracks.

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4. Easy Classical

The Mozart Effect is a theory that listening to his music improves cognitive abilities (later studies has rebutted it but don’t quote me on that). Regardless, it might not make you literally smarter but you will definitely feel smarter listening to the timeless compositions of Mozart, amongst others like Beethoven and Bach. After all, there’s a reason these classicals remain loved over the ages.

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5. No Stress!

I know this is the opposite of what you’re feeling right now – which is precisely why you need it. Take a stroll down memory lane with these throwback classics from John Mayer to Jason Mraz and Coldplay, sometimes happy nostalgia helps the hours tick by faster.

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6. Motivation Mix

Need a little pumped up music to boost your energy levels? Make the most of your night and have yourself a little dance party with these fun electro and EDM beats while killing those tasks! PS: Also highly-recommended as a workout playlist.

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7. Brain Food

Those late night over time snacks might help with your grumbling tummy but don’t forget your brain. Set yourself up for the night and settle down with some brain food with this playlist. Plug in those earphones and let these hypnotic electronic tracks feed your mind with focus and relaxation.

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8. Peaceful Piano

You can’t go wrong when a playlist has more than 5.4 million followers. There’s just something about piano pieces that put you at ease. Drift away and find peace to the beautiful tinkling of the ivory keys while you work.

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9. Nature Sounds

White noise in the background works wonders for focus and concentration. Be one with nature with these calming white noise tracks ranging from calm sounds of the forest to the crashing of ocean waves on the beach. If you close your eyes, it’s almost as if you’re being transported away from the office. Voila – before you know it, the long night is over.

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10. Pure Mellow Jazz

Get down and get jazzy with it for those long, late nights. What could be better for stress-reducing and achieving calm than the mellow tunes of jazz? Spending the night being serenaded to these sweet, sweet sounds seem almost serene. OT blues-be gone!

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The next time you have to pull a late night overtime session, these playlists will help tick those hours away (they sure did for me!). Here’s to achieving peak productivity and tackling those tasks – all the best!

Esther is a self-proclaimed professional daydreamer and matcha latte enthusiast. She can be found writing poetry, exploring the bottom of the sea, or playing her ukelele.

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